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Ushering in A Cashless World.

The world is quickly moving in the direction of blockchain-enabled systems and cashless payments.

The Problem: Blockchain Adoption.

In many cases, adopting a new cryptocurrency is the biggest problem facing blockchain companies. There’s no shortage of blockchain companies popping-up nearly everyday promising to change the world through their platform and token, and we wonder if the world is truly ready to go cashless. Even with the best of intentions, unfortunately, many of these blockchain companies will fail. The reason? Lack of infrastructure.

How is TraXion different?

One word – TXN. Transaction Xoalition Network. We believe that even the sleekest and fastest cars are useless pieces of junk if there are no roadworks. Even the latest and best mobile phones are useless if there are no mobile networks.

We won’t just sell you the vehicle, we’re also building the infrastructure.

TraXion’s TXN token will enjoy widespread adoption because we are building a strong coalition of companies, products and services that people in the bottom of the pyramid trust.

The xoalition is a gathering of booming industry players who want to take their business / technology to the next level.


TraXion, using enterprise-grade blockchain, is dedicated to helping businesses deliver 100% interoperability across every participant, thus ensuring a maximum perception of trust and fairness while reducing operational inefficiencies.



We’re addressing the readiness of businesses to go into blockchain. The key to successful integration is interoperability. We can help businesses cast a wider net resulting in more customers and better business.


Learn more about the impact we are making in business and society.

TraXion signing up the country's biggest charitable organization, Gawad Kalinga.

CEO Ann Cuisia explains how digitized personal finance data into meaningful insights at the Seamless Digital Commerce Summit, Sept 2017.

Strategies Director Jojy Azurin talks about digital commerce experience at the Seamless Digital Commerce Summit Sept 2017.

At the Click Conference, CEO Ann Cuisia discusses social impact of online giving last June 2017.

College interns from PUP gets a hardcore training on blockchain at the TraXion offices.

At the formal launch of the, a TraXion company, CEO Ann Cuisia gives an inspirational speech.

Donations platform, a TraXion company, gets on the front page coverage of BusinessMirror.

Picture of Ann with In the Loop News Anchors

CEO Ann Cuisia interviewed 'In The Loop' on online donations show at the ANC Channel.

IBM's Hyperledger group and Traxion's executive team poses for a courtesy photo to symbolize a promising partnership.

CEO Ann Cuisia, who is also Chairman of the Blockchain Committee of the Cloud Security Alliance, discusses blockchain at the CSA Conference, February 2018.

TraXion continues to educate and build awareness on the promises of blockchain technology for modern livelihood.

Traxion signs with SEACOOP or Seamanpreneurs Consumers Cooperative to roll our SeaPay Wallet, a whitelabeled “bank-in-wallet” blockchain solution for their seafarer members and their families.

Digital wallets are just the digital equivalent of your purse or physical wallet, secured by a technological process that substitutes non-sensitive information for sensitive, personal information, called tokenization.

Homegrown financial services provider TraXion is offering financial inclusion solution to the unbanked sector in farming communities in Mindanao by utilizing a “scaled back” type of blockchain technology, undoubtedly the most modern platform available in the financial industry.



We're connecting various ecosystems to ensure increasing demand for blockchain use.