Welcome to ClinServ International, a full service Contract Research Organization providing clinical trials services in the Middle East, Africa, Gulf and Persian Countries.

Clinserv International is the unique oasis where Clinical Research International Expertise, Good Business Ethics, and entire Social Responsibility are gathered in ONE Company

1. Initially established in Paris, in 2002, ClinServ has expanded to span all Arab, Middle Eastern, African and Persian countries. With more planned legally registered offices in 2018.

2. Credibility, Promptness, and Quality   Focus due to a unique spirit of interfacing between the International, American, and European expertise and requirements, along with a perfect knowledge and respect of the local culture and regulatory, form the basis of our professional values.

3. Our Robust Quality System is continuously & successfully tested through the qualification process of our clients (sponsors and international companies) as well as the French COFRAC-ISO auditors.

5. We are a One stop shop, Full service Organization covering all Clinical Research needs of our valued customers by providing them unique, comprehensive, flexible & innovative products, which are adapted to local needs in terms of services and presence.

6. We operate under the principle of "respect"; we respect our staff, our environment, our community, our stakeholders and our customers; Today our strategy is focused on achieving excellence, providing a reliable and efficient service for our customers whilst demonstrating highest compliance and abidance by the guidance and framework of ISO 26000 for Social Responsibility




Our social responsibility commitment
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