He said that Vling, the sophisticated prototype language, is a vast improvement over Chinese.

You stay out of this, Pam.

What if the problem is you?

A doctor tried to remove the bullet from his back.

You will hurt yourself.

What examples of behaviour would you consider typically masculine?

Tickets aren't required.

In life as with omelets, the timing is important.

I think he's competent.

I'm not chasing them away from here.

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The prime minister's businesslike approach to welfare reform earned him accolades among the upper class.


My big sister showers every day.

The Lord is good to all: and his tender mercies are over all his works.

There may be somebody in the next room.

Why didn't you tell us everything you know?

I just wanted to help Suwandi.

I must get some sleep.

Why would a university lecturer of all people end up responsible for a murder?


I really thought Stephanie liked me.

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Why aren't you in school?

Where did you arrest them?

He dwelt on the pleasure of the past.


Ken looks happy.


I can no longer stand the cold.

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It doesn't matter to Isabelle.

We're not as young as Jeanette.

How many medications are you on?

I've given a speech or two in my time.

A theory must be followed by practice.

Are you on some sort of medication?

Kenn was badly in debt for a while, but he's on his feet again.

I haven't been feeling great.

I'll get even with you, if it takes me the rest of my life.

It is none of your business.

The saltiest water in the world is found in Antarctica in a small lake named Don Juan Pond.

I'm hungry, so I'm going to get something to eat.

I'm going to make some coffee. Would you like some, too?

Alsace is a very beautiful province of France.

He used her bike without asking permission.

Riches cover a multitude of woes.

Sorry, I didn't see you standing there.


Gregg wondered why Gigi wasn't able to play outside with the other kids.

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She can't tell the good from the bad.

Casey disregarded the slippery conditions and crashed off the road.

Louise was hiding something behind his back.

I'm sure he'll go.

I'm glad you're back.

They won't budge.

If you tell me the truth, I'll forgive you.


I'm the only one who knows where Kimberly hid the gold coins.

This product is both a floor polish and a dessert topping.

Who can afford to buy such an expensive house?


Let's hang him first, we will judge him later sometime!


Ninja always worries about things that don't really matter very much.

I'll get in touch with you again when I know more clearly about that plan.

She was struck by lightning.

Corporate earnings in the first quarter improved sharply.

Every boy and girl knows him.

Stephe needs to change his attitude.

You've earned a break.

Stop being such a hard-ass. Come on over.

Secondary education has two sides.

There won't be any more problems.

Everything is working out just as Alain predicted.

Millie has a cat.

Does something seem suspicious?

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I washed the car.


From the 5th to the 15th of January, please.

Heinz will be in Boston for a week.

It might happen sooner than we anticipated.

I haven't heard anything from him since then. I wonder what he's up to.

I don't think I would like to change my name.

Nelken served a three-year prison term.

Why don't we all go out to get something to eat?

"Is the weed on the show real?" "Well, what do you think?"

Kim lives together with Ken.

I probably shouldn't have asked Meehan that question.

Some of us have work to do.

Those who send in old junk they don't use anymore will, without exception, receive a present.

The television is off.

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Pink is for girls.

I want every day to be as good as this one.

I have an appointment.

I was young when my parents got divorced.

I didn't understand anything at today's seminar.

It's strange that she came home so late at night.

I can't get work as a teacher.

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He's really in good shape.

Stand for a bit, okay?!

The plan was being discussed.

She felt quite worn out after arguing with friends.

Old takes his dog for a walk every morning.

It was very pleasant. However, it would have been more pleasant if I had been able to speak English fluently.

He saw something behind a lot of old boxes.

That's unusual.

Books are the paper memory of mankind.


I didn't think Marguerite could run that fast.

We'll try to find out why Johnnie did it that way.

This job pays pretty well.

Let well alone.

I think Darin will probably win.

Do you speak English?

Her body was never found.

She asked the police for protection.

I know where Bertrand went.

He enjoyed cycling.

Don't go out because it is cold.


Scot did his best to distance himself from Tricia.

Danny uses a potter's wheel.

The scar on his cheek hardly shows now.

I thought Boyce and Pandora were married.

It has been very fine since then.

His hair was cut short and he was clean-shaven.

What do you have for a mid-morning snack?

Let them keep their jobs.

Monica does study a lot.

Do I wanna know?

Everybody wants to sit beside her.

He suddenly noticed his wallet was missing.

Seymour asked her son to behave himself.

Who is complaining?

'Managing' simply means taking the blame for everyone's mistakes.

I have just been to the airport to see him off.

In the summer, it's very humid.


She is not less than thirty.


I do think that it is a pity.

You should have taken a chance then.

She entered college immediately after finishing high school.


He lives over there, on that hill.

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I may go to Boston tomorrow.

I'm not busy now.

He became very dangerous.

Would you please let me get back to work?

Please air the futon.


Tammy overheard Seth arguing with John.

She's a bit drunk.

She's been dropping some not-so-subtle hints about what she would like for Christmas.

Rayan is getting older.

I had a feeling that something dreadful was happening.


Tell Sundar I feel fine.

We have a nice group of kids here.

I want to visit you.

We used to sit on these steps and talk.

Thomas is very clever at work.

I had my purse and commutation ticket stolen while I was sleeping on the train.

You should just talk to her.

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I'd like to try some Thai food.

Racism has its roots in the distrust and scorn for people who differ in their appearance and their culture.

Here's a restaurant I often eat at.

You might at least say "thank you."

Dorothy will never forget Leora's kindness.


Everyone knows that two plus two equals four.

What heading does this book come under?

Don't make a fuss about trifles.

The mission was successful.

I heard her sing a song.

I keep hoping that things will get better.

Can you help me move the sofa?

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I haven't seen him for about three years.


That might not be as difficult as you think it's going to be.

The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.

Have you had your supper?

How can you justify your claim?

Marie is not ready.


Ravi picked the book up and handed it to Hartmann.


Hans hardly ever talks to Rudolph.

Ralf is like his father.

Joubert looked up at the stars.

The last time we ate dinner together, you would only eat vegetables.

I'm trying to remember the first time I met you.