Matt Elvey

Web Application Developer

Who am i?

I am an experienced web application developer with a passion for the educational and social development capcity of web tools. I have worked in Indonesia developing tools assist developing communities and in Australian universities developing both educational tools and coorporate applications.

I spent 3 years developing web applications in Indonesia. Initially with a single microfinance NGO then freelancing on development prjects where I worked on projects for AusAID, USAID, Oxfam Indonesia, The International Labour Office and Coorporate Social Responsibility projects for Adidas and Nike. During this time I was confronted with the difficulties that much of the world has accessing the internet. This instilled in me a value for making the web accessible to the world. This is sometime I have explored both professionally and in my own time as offline sites have become increasingly mature.

I started my career split between system administration and web development at the Federational University developing both student facing and coorporate applications. This taught me the potential that web applications have for education and I now work at Charles Darwin University specialising in creating interactive online educational tools. Because of the large number of remote students this has allowed me to combine my passion for education with social development. During this time I have worked to build a community of web developers at the university and promote best practices in accessabiltiy, usability and mobile friendly websites for users on less capable connections.

what i can do

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1.Managable front-end development

I have a strong knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 and can easily put your design into practice. I am also familiar with build tools including SASS, gulp, webpack and a number of HTML templating engines to ensure your larger code bases are easy to manage for whoever picks them up

2.Back-end development

I have developed back-end web APIs and platforms using Java, PHP and NodeJS. I have experience exposing RESTful XML, JSON, GraphQL and SOAP API endpoints.

3.Database management

I have worked with MySQL, Postgres and Oracle databases.

4.Linux system administration

I am comfortable working in a Linux environment and have performed system administration on a number of development and production servers.

5.Training and Mentoring

I can develop clear and understandable training content and have run training programs in PHP, HTML and Javascript. I have also provided mentoring and supervision for junior staff and provided supervision on a masters student project.

6.Design and Documentation

I work closely with clients to identiy and clarify their requirements and priorities when designing a project. I work closely with the client to develop project plans that are suitable to agile development. Working closely with the client allows me to better identify my target audience when producing technical or user documentation.


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    Victoria Certificate of Education

  • Bachelor of Computing

    I completed my bachelor degree at the University of Ballarat (now Federation University) with a focus on Software Engineering and Development.


Senior Web Developer - Charles Darwin University

As the primary developer in a small multimedia team I have been involved in all stages of the project life cycle. I have been responsibile for working with clients and project management to identify and document requirements as well as developing and deploying the required solutions and supervising contractors and junior developers.

In this role we have developed a number of rich interactive web applications, an iPad game and an offline web application for use in remote communities

Supervisor - Charles Darwin University

I provided secondary supervison on a masters project. I provided advice on best practices in project design and planning and assisted in the process of identifying the best platform for their needs. I also provided more technical advice throughout the project ensuring the student was exposed to best industry practices.