"I know," said Al-Sayib, getting a new bottle of Fanta. "This is serious business. So why'd you call?"

That's my wife.

Tell her that I am joking.

I hope that it rains tomorrow.

The true protagonist wasn't shot by anybody.

Jin doesn't want anyone to know.


Do you share your emotions with other people?

We need time to prepare the list.

John doesn't like this kind of movie.

What's that supposed to be?

Everyone talked at once.

Johnny, please read the penultimate paragraph.

Edward and Margaret went on a two week honeymoon to Hawaii.

He began his lecture with a humorous anecdote.

Give her what she wants.

The forest was thick and impenetrable.

I knew that you would check this sentence very carefully.

Shane is going to open a gift from her boyfriend.

We can compare our country to China.


He sat there surrounded by his children.


Butler didn't look happy at all.

I can't fire her.

Mitch is absolutely right.

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It's not the job.

They will be safe with me.

I've been here for an hour.

I think you're right.

Forgive me, please, I meant well.

Tell me what you mean.

I know the perfect person for you.

Get them out of the way.

I don't know who's involved.

We aren't sure what should be done.

Put out your cigarette before you eat.


She squeezed his hand.


The last thing we want to do is to forget to pay our bills.


Babies grow up inside the amniotic fluid in the womb.


Amedeo knows that won't work.

Thanks for calling me back.

He had proposed to me in front of the church.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.

Telephone and facsimile numbers will not change.

Chandra has an elliptical orbit which takes it more than 138,000 kilometers from Earth and then back to within 9600 kilometers of Earth. Chandra travels more than one-third of the way to the Moon with each orbit!

You need to get Noemi a job.

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Brett didn't know what to expect.


We're getting some very interesting results.

Galen is violent and dangerous.

Where is my pencil?

You want me to do what?

We're claustrophobic.

Strange to say, his prediction has come true.

Why did Rainer leave so suddenly?


We cannot see our own faces without a mirror.

Is there something in there?

She was the first one to help him.

I want to drink a pint of Guinness right now.

"You're being brainwashed by the media!" "What are you talking about?"

We're not asking you to do anything we wouldn't do ourselves.

Joseph is extremely talkative.


I've heard that Bernie will be going to Harvard.

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I might never see you again.

I'm familiar with the way he asks questions.

The light was on in the room.

They blotted out my name from the list.

It scared me, too, OK?

He is a man who can always be trusted.

We can keep playing as long as we don't make noise.

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I could tell you who did it.

He has no more than 100 dollars.

Is everybody ready?


I can cook very well.

I don't feel like walking so fast.

I take five kinds of magazines every month.


Where did you learn to cook like this?

Brenda entered the room.

The track descends.

While driving, mind the potholes.

What is the right time?

I believe it is a gift.

This does not concern you at all.

Mats asked to be driven home.

Forty-eight sailors are on board.

That's horrible.

This reminds me of a girl I once knew.

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I'll talk to her alone.


He dropped his wallet, and now it's mine.

I marveled at his courage.

Do you really want me to be frank?

Siping needs to speak to Jane.

I'll do this as long as I can.


Cynthia hid in the attic.

His indignation got the better of him.

Music is the silence between the notes.

Why can't you just tell Moe to go home?

In general, generals run faster than soldiers.

No matter what you say, I did see the man.

I am yelling at the top of my voice!

She bought a loaf of bread.

Tango lived with a small boy in a small village.

You should have kept that secret.

You'd better get here soon.


That's all we've been doing.

Joon didn't utter a single word.

Do you want to live in Boston?

Paste these labels on the jars.

That boy dug a grave for his dead animal.

I came.

I don't need them to do me any favors.

"Are you coming?" "Of course."

Don't waste so much food.

We'll have to take our chances.

Tommy wants us dead.

Is your religion relevant on Mars?

Will Gore stand as presidential candidate?

Mechael can't go anywhere today.

I'm famished.

Richard told Judge to give him a call after dinner.

Matti ought to stop doing that.


He's trying to learn Spanish in a month.

What are you going to do with this camera?

I was a fool to have tried explaining something to you that I don't understand myself.

Tony isn't good at hiding his emotions.

I'd really like to go.


Now just relax.


He's a bread connoisseur.

Bite down on the cotton roll.

Gabriel has completely recovered and can go back to work.


I thought you said you were staying until 2:30.

I don't like to socialize.

Elisa has enrolled in the anatomy department.

Mick was so certain.

Tahsin can watch his snowglobe for hours.

The piano won't go through that door.

What're we supposed to do with that?

Our first lesson is math.

You can work around that.

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Your remarks are out of place here.


Linda was pregnant at that time.

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Please don't overdo it.


I keep thinking about when we met.

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I'm looking for her right now.


Francois danced with me.

It will not add anything to the situation.

Show me.


It turned out that he had long been dead.

The prancing chestnut mare whinnied as she tried to get rid of the rider.

Hello, I have a reservation, my name is Kaori Yoshikawa. Here is the confirmation card.

Sheila asked me to say goodbye for him.

Stefan and David are at dinner.

He has a secret desire to play.

It's not as good, if you ask me.

Dory likes peppermint chocolate.

I don't like sewing because I can't thread the needle.

Bart was born on May 5, 2010.

There are turtles that are more than two centuries old.

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When I was thirteen, my dad bought me my own fishing boat.


He gets jealous when I talk to other guys.

Olson was a greedy man.

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins.

I have a gift that needs to be wrapped.

I think Kim is sincere.

There was a marathon at school today and we were very tired.

I'm not letting Suzanne go.

Shouldn't you be listening?

We learn a good deal at school.

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I like to sing songs.