Vivek looks like his father.

How much did you cut off?

It's a ghost, and only I can speak to him.

Ahmet should've stayed in Boston for another week.

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I got you this.

It's just not right.

Her latest book deals with pollution.


Maybe Shuvra doesn't like me.

The conflict between blacks and whites in the city became worse.

Did you like me?

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Not all browsers are secure.


John is a far better singer than the others.

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Kory left school an hour ago.

I'm sorry if I overstepped my authority.

As a rule, Japanese people are not good at foreign languages.

Specially, we shouldn't be selfish.

The employees demurred at working overtime.

I would like to ask.

Ah, we have run short of sugar.


Have you ever seen Alex mad?

We should be getting back to work.

We have to find a way to stop it.

This is the first time I've ever pegged up my clothes.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot is a giant storm.

You have a lot of nerve.

She is a glutton for punishment.


My flight arrived at 9 pm.


Call us this evening.

I learned how to cook from Bob.

Who am I? I am a poet. What do I do? I write. How do I live? I just live.

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Who has the photos from the horse in Minsk?

You don't have to say you're sorry; I understand.

They walked home together after school.

He was sitting there for two hours.

Rodney isn't wearing a name tag.

Today has been a good day.

There are many apples in the box. Some are red and others are yellow.

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I'm offering you a deal.

Tomas seems to be a fairly successful businessman.

Please read these reports carefully.

This machine works by electricity.

It was me who killed Kennedy.

I plan on doing my part.

The law of a country must be followed.


Our calculations show that the rocket is off its course.


They know things these people want to know.

It would mean a great deal to me if you would stay.

I will cut your fingers and tongue, Caty!


You'll never be young again.


I had a call from her for the first time in a long time.

"Hello, who is this?"

There's so much I need to tell you.


Dan gave Linda a book that once belonged to his grandfather.

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Carl is going to love you.

Y ain't ya axed 'bout dat?

It is no good to you.

Doesn't that change things?

I am good.


Many people pray before eating.

He gave me a present.

There is an urgent need for better communication.


I feel pretty comfortable.

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I'll give you a book.

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June didn't understand what I meant.

It's no use trying to find people to play Street Fighter with when you can't explain double quarter-circle joystick motions.

The word "the" is optional in this sentence.

He is free from money worry.

Monica pointed to the picture on the wall.

Wouldn't you like another glass of beer?

Richard presented a provocative thesis: "Slang is becoming the new English."

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Klaus washes the kitchen curtains twice a year.

She felt herself torn apart.

Janet knows when to quit.

Pantelis presumably locked the door before leaving.

We just want to be happy.


If you care to, come with us.

Put your valuables in the safe.

You should've called.


Here's what really happened.


Did Hamilton swim?

Your eyes are red from crying.

When Spain colonized the Philippines, they were administrated by Mexico City. So it was Mexican Spanish, not Castilian Spanish, that influenced Tagalog.

Who told you to go home?

You see that tall building over there, don't you?

Living near the school, I come home for lunch.

They have affiliates in many countries and are trying to expand their reach. These are not opinions to be debated; these are facts to be dealt with.


Graham summed up the situation in very few words.

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I went to every modern art show that took place in Tokyo last year.

Did Leung give it to you?

Please don't leave me with Jay.

The flowers cheered her up.

I studied in Boston for three years.

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I've slept.

His conviction overshadows all his previous achivements.

Let's stop by the hospital.

Everybody laughed at the boy.

I got an A on my book report.

Everyone in the room seemed to agree.

You'll find some difficulty carrying out the plan.

Angus is a very intelligent person.

They will agree on that.

Metin has more energy than a pack of squirrels.

Oleg can probably be there by 2:30.

Study to pass the exam.

Charlie was still in his pajamas and bathrobe when I got here this morning.


She is buying the computer.


They lied.

The loss adds up to $1,000,000.

Nothing scares Mohammad.

The war had lasted four years.

Salzburg dumplings are sweet as love and tender as a kiss.


They backed him up in everything.

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Dan talked about his relationship with Linda.

Amos didn't notice that he was being followed.

You're the historian.

Will you show me the way to the bank?

The bagging was quite expensive.

What's your favorite Anime?

They come here occasionally.

I've burnt myself.

Tommy asked Jackye about her new job in Boston.


Do you think Price kissed Pria?

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Remington was a cowboy for only two years.

Let's go out the back door.

Meeks suggested another plan to the committee.

Try how far you can jump.

They named her baby Jenny.

I could not afford to buy a bicycle, much less a car.

Sooner would be better.

A little rest would do you a lot of good.

Thank you very much. Thank you for activating my gag reflex.

I may have to help Coleen.

Let's hope Jock doesn't write a book.


His carelessness resulted in the accident.


The new telescope was shipped in a huge wooden box.


What happens if that happens?

I don't remember Jenine's face.

The water was cold and dark.

I'm through with them.

This is the key point. It's now or never.

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That's the ticket.


Nanda doesn't often wear a suit.

We saw your truck on the road.

I can speak a tiny bit of Hungarian.

Let's leave the matter as it is for the present.

I'm sure you can find another job.


Micah says he likes it.

To avoid electrical shock, do not open the cabinet. Refer servicing to qualified personnel only.

She was surprised by what she saw.

I don't think any more students want to come.

Lenny denied Jones to visit his daughter.


I will not want to redo it.

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I had a chat with her.

Barry told me to knock three times.

Please speak slowly.


I don't have money.

I wonder why he was absent.

Mr. Tanaka showed us many pictures of his newborn baby.