Tell us everything you know about Turkeer.

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I have no idea what's going on here.

The cat loves to chase mice.

I was wounded by her comments.


Miki liked to draw.

I just met a sexy MILF.

It's very smoky in here.

You don't know what I was going to do.

Emily ate tofu at dinner.

Janet says he has an announcement to make.

I went at once; otherwise I should have missed him.

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Jesus can no longer live here.

Even as we take new steps to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, we must also prepare for the impacts of a changing climate that are already being felt across the country.

The bullet penetrated his chest.


I am sure I am in love with her.

My host family often advises me.

We are both her boyfriend and girlfriend.


The cap is too small for me.

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They loaned money to companies to build railroads.

We're definitely going. You?

The world will change in an instant.

I found a good friend in him.

Johnnie will be driving my car.

I feel really respected.

Keith began to carve the turkey.

The farmer that lived nearby came to investigate.

This stone was so heavy that I could not lift it.

I'm a big fan of Diane.

Hold out your hands.

This was quite primitive compared to that.

Go inside and change into your bathing suit.

What else is on today's agenda?

All of these resources combined together, could not purchase or equal the value of an eternal life.

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I wish I'd never stepped foot in this house!

I think about him often.

Doner Kebabs are one of Germany's most popular fast food dishes.

Let me call him.

Did something happen between you and Gail?

Have you ever snored?

Can I see the wine list?

This is the first time I've ever put away my computer into this cupboard.

Tickets are still available for tonight's show.

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Shatter ignored our warnings.

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He left his poorly paid job for greener pastures elsewhere.

When will you come back?

It has been unofficially decided that I will be employed by the company.

I'm not particularly keen on this kind of music.

The tax reform will not touch the banking industry.

No man is a prophet in his house or in his country, if history is to be believed.

When we got home last night, the others were already in bed and fast asleep.

Moderate exercise stimulates the circulation of blood.

The bus ride made her feel so sick that she began to vomit.

So, what drove you to do it?

Kory took his place at head of the table.

I installed some new software yesterday on my computer.

Ravindranath asked Jeannie to explain it.


We have three spare rooms, none of which can be used.

What was Dan wearing?

I like to sleep-in on weekends.

I don't care what others think about me.

Does Coca-Cola contain caffeine?


Hunger drove him to steal.

She seems to know something important.

The gophers here are so annoying.


I asked her to watch my things.

This is my natural hair color.

Edith needs an operation.

Plastic was raped by his father.

Christophe can't tell the difference between expensive wine and cheap wine.

We want to learn some Japanese songs.

You need to work on your communication skills.

No one's going to find us.

The lake is the deepest in Japan.

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Willie soon realized the seriousness of his error.

There are some things we want you to see.

Doesn't he know I'm going out with Stewart?

We should adopt his proposal.

Jeannie's new outfit is guaranteed to turn heads.

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Dewey knows Stacy and John are no longer together.


I enjoy climbing trees every once in a while.


If you can digest them, raw vegetables are good for your health.

He was my first boyfriend.

Renu is grotesque.

I think that he will return soon.

I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again.

Acid rain is not a natural phenomenon.

I don't remember talking to Ted.

Warren finished his beer and then got up to leave.

He now has the password.

Michel doesn't listen to advice.

That day was made a holiday by an act of the diet.

The meeting will commence.

I like bright colors.

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I'll pay you back with my calculus notes.


Dwayne has raised three children.

It won't work out.

He was dismissed by the company for a misconduct.


Duncan is a victim of identity theft.


I'm in position.

Let me come aboard.

A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.

He left cost out of account.

We should save wild animals.

You've got to respect him.

He killed him to avenge his dead father.

Because of the level of pollution which was said before, you can help the local environment by avoiding petrol-based means of transport, so you can both spend less money and reduce the level of pollution.

He doesn't want me to go, but I mean to.


Tell me about your children.

Is she marrying him for his money?

Debbie can't go home now.


I can't talk to her now.

It's the best film of the year.

You don't have to work with Harold.

We would like to ask your help in clearing up our financial problems with your company.

Do you know anybody who might be able to tell me what happened?


I know I'm going to die.

I want to participate in the protest.

Take good care of my daughter, Sanjay.

Health is the most important thing.

It is worth your time to read this book.


I'm convinced he's innocent.


Children surely have their own will to be independent.


Tor put the popcorn into the pan and waited for it to pop.


There was a park at the foot of the mountain.

Charley didn't take anything from me.

Tollefsen hugged Everett and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.


There isn't a Monday that would not cede its place to Tuesday.

The man is loading the moving truck on his own.

I wouldn't know what to say to Pim.

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I had a slight scruple about doing that kind of thing.


Something terrible happened to Venkata.

Do you drink whiskey?

Without his help, you'd have failed.

Has anybody spoken with them?

I must calculate how much money I'll spend next week.

Andrew plays hockey.

There has been a spate of thefts in our area recently.

The train already left the station.

I didn't touch them.

Erik wasn't able to attend the party.

It's all nonsense.

Mr Smith is an acquaintance of hers.

The movie takes a stab at the bourgeoisie.

This will do for now.

Julia and Uri think I don't know.


The man wrote down the name for fear he should forget it.

Hugh thought that Clarence didn't drive a car.

She is guilty of theft.

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I'm from Milan.


I'll let you know when it's done.

They're not the problem, we are.

That's a matter of course.

Sunil is able to play football.

Come what may, we must do our duty.

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Gretchen always gets up at six-thirty.

His pride would not brook such insults.

The village is free from thieves.

I'm a cocaine exporter.

Money can't buy happiness. However, it's more comfortable to cry in a Maserati than on a bike.

I want to scratch my nose.

I'm not coming along.

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She pays us every month.

There is an urgent need for understanding how climate change will affect our lives.

He's not the right man for this job.