We can get you help.


You did well not to follow his advice.

I will have no more of this.

He who knows nothing is closer to the truth than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors.


Earl speaks slowly.

Martin is working on it right now.

We'd like to leave.

Harry didn't do so well on his test.

I am not an athlete.


What is your commission?


Mother made me a sweater.

Bart is impossible to satisfy.

I saw the house.

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I don't want to waste my time trying to do this again.

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You didn't think I let you down, did you?

She is very cross with him.

What trouble can he cause?

They've stopped selling those.

But unfortunately, this will not happen very soon.


Stacy keeps his gun loaded.

I'll play tennis with Pria later this afternoon.

Call Joseph and tell him you'll be late.

Our children were at the same elementary school.

I will certainly need a car.

He doesn't know his place.

I promise I won't be jealous.

Here come some more people.

Answering that question is easy.

Siegurd knew it was going to be tough to convince Manuel that she was too old to drive.

I am afraid of heights.


Mann is allergic to mold.

People were delighted at the safe return of the astronauts.

I will make some coffee.


I was crazy about her.


Srinivas comes from a very wealthy family.

I don't know why you're here.

Matti doesn't take Lorien seriously.

Tal is safe, isn't he?

Don't bother to call me.

Do you remember the time we went to the zoo together when we were kids?

The first day of the first month in the Chinese lunar calendar is Spring Festival, the most important festival for the people of China.

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May I have a word with you?

We move around a lot.

What if I'm wrong?

Three bears lived in that little house.

We are looking forward to receiving your quote as soon as possible.

Eric is only thirty years old.

Julius has already told everyone.

Phil likes to sit up front.

How are things with you and Nici?

You do not need to like everything.

American forces were withdrawn.

I regard his advice as valuable.

The waitress bustled about serving the customers.

I still can't really believe it.

I'll see what else we need to bring.

Hiromi wears a new dress.

Jorge probably hates my guts.

Can't I please just go?

They called me.


My uncle comes back from America next Monday.

Now stand back.

Her oldest son is not married.


Nobody equals him in strength.

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Revised accidentally ate some rat poison.

Emil shot himself in the head last night.

We went along a narrow road.

We would've gone home early, but Courtney asked us to stay a little longer.

Spudboy hardly ever acts his age.

Did you settle the bill?

The fox changes its fur, but not its vices.

I don't want to swim.

You should be sleeping.

I saw my reflection in the window.

They are in favor of the reform of the tax laws.

He got better very quickly.

We entered a restaurant and discussed the energy crisis over our dinner.


American cities are not as dense as European cities.


I do everything for my family.

OK, Eddie, let's get moving.

Forgive him if you can. He is not guilty.

The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is an explosion of colors.

Do you think it was Margaret who did that?

Experience is the name many people give to their mistakes.

I think that this is Emet.

Ima clearly had a lot on his mind.

She placed her hands on her hips.


You can stay till tonight.

I know why Cindy is here.

I'd like two prints of each.

We must register for the courses that we're going to take by tomorrow.

Let me handle Edgar, OK?


Hang on. We'll be right there.

Seth doesn't study hard enough.

He has phoned me.

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There are lots of eggs in that box.

I would be very pleased if you did this for me.

He threatened to take everything I own.

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Pierette gave me some old coins.


The girls' conversation had no end.

I can help Vern out.

Many sentences were translated from English into other languages, but very few sentences were translated from other languages into English. Why?

I forgot to buy a gift for you.

The book is blue.

The army had no men near Harpers Ferry.

How do I explain it?

That's not what you want to do.

We don't want to do anything hasty.

I'll buy you one if you want.

It's only a play.

Wasn't it Kafka who wrote that a book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us?

I allow for the unexpected.

"Do you know why Alain doesn't want to go shopping with me?" "I think he doesn't like shopping."

However, it is too expensive.

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He is working on his art portfolio.

It looks like you were wrong.

Are you feeling any better?


Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

The more popcorn you eat, the more you want.

Duane walked down into the basement.


They haven't heard from Jill.


Even if I admit that, I cannot agree with you.

The salesman claimed the windshield was unbreakable, testing it with a punch that went straight through it.

This song's name is "Only You".


The pigs are coming! Let's beat it!


You can talk in front of me.

We'll help you rescue them.

We'll continue to see the whole city from here.

He was bedazzled by her beauty.

Bring her here immediately.

What's your wish?

It's the first time I build a wall.

I'd like to see the agreement.

I had a nightmare about vampires.


"Where do you live?" "I live in Tokyo."


It seems logical to me.

Dan testified that Linda wasn't a drug addict.

I'm your new partner.

Just tell me what to do.

Kee mentioned that several times.

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I discussed baby names with my pregnant sister.

We have to be there.

Micky wondered whether Travis knew anything about it.

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Does Christian have a big family?

The government has the power of legislation.

It will have been raining for a week if it does not stop tomorrow.

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They made John the captain of the team.

Martin punched Tommy repeatedly.

Will he die?


It depends on the context.

Graham was taken prisoner.

We clean our classroom after the class is over.

President Polk was old, tired and in poor health.

Who did you send the message about Beth to?


The flowers were dying without water.


The beggar was dizzy with hunger and fatigue.

Brodie has cut down on sweets.

Do you remember how much this cost?

Hillel had it in his bag.

If it is not true it is very well invented.


I accept the risk.


They just announced that on the radio.