You are very cute kids.

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What do you think happened here?

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I long for a job as a flight attendant.

That's definitely the goal.

I know you must have a million questions.


Francois started laughing again.


This is my friend Pilar.

My father allowed me to go to the concert.

Fortune favours the brave.

What is it you think I did to Kenn?

My stomach hurts. Can I have some stomach medicine?

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I'll wait like the rest of you.


Kamiya is here, too.

It's all my fault!

My father can speak English well.

They thought McKinley was wrong to take the Philippines.

Things have gotten serious.

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First of all, we'll analyze the facts.

Take this folding umbrella with you. It might come in handy.

What's that supposed to do?

Marco thought Harris wouldn't want to live in Boston.

Mulligan says he'll sleep easy until the fight.

Clarissa had expected something quite different.

How much money did Amos make last year?

He looked at me and said, "Watch out."

Many people stated he was a capable businessman who knew how to make a profit.

Ania is interested in computers.

Cats like boxes.

We cannot sleep well on summer nights.

He stirred the paint before using it.

Rafael found out where Lex lives.

Tell your friends about it.

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Where's my mommy?

The trip was every bit as enjoyable as I thought it would be.

Here, kitty kitty!


Is this tooth sensitive to cold food?

That fighter plane dropped a bomb.

Put your hands down!

It takes only seconds.

Why didn't you let me know you were in Boston?


My mailing address is 920 Broadway.

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Would you ever consider getting a tattoo?


The money on the desk is not mine.

What fills the heart, will flow over from the mouth.

It was a good and interesting night.

I'm so happy for you both.

I know you're not like Vadim.

In a sense, you are wrong.

She has gained a few pounds.

The spy made contact with the enemy.

The airplane was just going to take off.

I was quite satisfied.

The room is very cold. The fire has gone out.

Wolves are formidable predators.

Kelly paid a surprise visit to Nici.

He's an idiot sometimes.

We don't have to try to reinvent the wheel.

That's not how I remember it.

What else does Major want to know?

He got his chance to succeed.

Watch out mom, these are coming your way!

Fay tried the door, but it was locked.

Stephe works out in a gym near his house.

She said that she gets up at six every morning.

Sjaak is a little over thirty.

I don't see her often.

A series of explosions reduced the laboratory to ruins.

There are many books in my room.

It was evening and already dark but I saw a cat walking along a telephone wire. Can they do that, cats?

He injured himself playing rugby.

He lives all alone in the woods.

I thought you were dating Lorraine.

These shirts are all the same size.


Jimmy will often sit up all night.

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It is heartless of him to say so.

I still care.

I don't think it's that bad.

He has a large truck.

If I'd been here, none of this would've happened.

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As soon as you arrive, she will make something to eat.

We've got to discuss business.

Are you going to the theater tonight?

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He won't bite.

Don't you ever call Scot?

That's why I'm smiling.


Hurf lives in a big house.

When did it get so complicated?

You are important.

The engine makes a strange noise.

We're always hungry.

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There are many words that I don't understand.

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I'd like to ask you about a student of yours.

While surveying the sky in microwave wavelengths, COBE has transmitted evidence which supports the Big Bang Theory of the creation of the universe.

I have just moved to Zurich and enjoy doing many things.

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I underestimated him.

Write Spanish.

Benson needed you.

No one told me anything.

I don't envy them.

What's a joke?

I found the subject fascinating.


Don't think I don't appreciate what you've done.

I've been suspended.

What sort of danger is there?

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The train on which he left goes to Tokyo Station.

Leave them alone for a minute.

The film was not a success in Japan.

I'll write Raj a letter.

It sounds like a scam.

Miss Italia is a really sad show.

And it lasted until early morning.

Sal and John pretended they were brothers.

We did the right thing.

That being the case, instead of elaborating on these two reports, I should like to say a few words to corroborate the arguments behind them.

I'd like to sit by the window.

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I was having lunch.

How many rooms do you have?

This is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.

She was taking a shower when the phone rang.


How did you know where we'd be?

He's still alive.

The fear of failure is one of the most common fears in the world.

She's a successful novelist.

They made and recorded a sort of institute and digest of anarchy, called the Rights of Man.


I'm still angry because of her.

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You just saw them, didn't you?

Almost all of Hartmann's money goes to supporting his family.

Stanley didn't even open the door for me.

I don't want to get involved.

Proceeding from warm-up exercises to leg kick practice without a hitch, the lesson went completely smoothly.

I visited the atelier of a painter that I had not visited in a long time. This painter had just acquired a new model and he was in a very good mood.

I don't have to prove anything at all.

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Perhaps you'd better leave.

I met Teruyuki here.

I think Jay is like that.


It's impossible to tell the Jackson twins apart.

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I told Ofer and Srinivasan about you.


They won't bother you anymore.

It scares me.

Have you all decided where to go?

I don't mind that at all.

I don't have any feelings for Spike.

Do you understand what's going on?

I don't know why the baby is crying.

Meeks is going to Boston this spring.

I think Darryl was the one who stole my wallet.

I took advantage of the confusion and attacked the enemy.

Give my shoes a good shine.

Is that all Gigi does?

Hmm, maybe!

A network of railroads soon spread over the entire country.

I hope that you will accept my request.

It's about three miles from here to the station.

I think that she is from Italy.


I'll take it from here.

The cat says "meow".

It's really coming down out there!

Benson walked into the room, followed by John and Leigh.

Lisa bought three pairs of shoes.

I got it started for you.

She won a medal when she was just 15 years old.

Her house is at the foot of the mountain.

I found a coin on the sidewalk.

I think Deborah won the election.

The man is old.

We've had no complaints.

My mailbox has been empty since last month.