That was the straw that broke the camel's back.

I know why Spass left early.

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I can't take it anymore!

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Damon doesn't eat red meat.

Vice wanted to help Spencer rescue her baby.

Lee Leffingwell is the head of the Austin City Council.

My wife is always finding fault with me.

What did Ricky bring?

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Vance wondered why Anatoly had said what she said.


In my past life, I was a forest.


He will become the god of gods.

The coffee shop is closed while the air conditioning is under repair.

Love, before everything, is about surrendering oneself.

They died in battle.

We like her.

I objected to her treating me like a child.

Donne asked Larry if she knew how to read.


The box was so heavy that I couldn't lift it.

Success in school calls for hard study.

That's easy to say, but it's not easy to do.

I will be through with the book in no time.

I certainly had no idea Barney was thinking about getting divorced.

Desperate diseases require desperate remedies.

I don't want Kenton to make the same mistake I made.


He could see the entire landscape from the top of the mountain.

This is the dictionary I told you about yesterday.

I persuaded him to consult a doctor.


Please open it.

They fell in love with the same guy.

Michiel said he would come tomorrow.

I break nothing.

My sister hit the jackpot!


We'll never know, will we?

I leave for Paris tomorrow.

It's a chair.

That usually doesn't happen.

Stanislaw is very dedicated to his job.

Blayne squashed the bug.

Do you really want to go to the party with Terrence?

Sridhar is getting better at speaking French.

To get his own business off the ground, he linked up with a few more solid companies.


I tried harder than usual, so I'm all the more exhausted.

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Tony is playing.

She brought him to our place to meet my parents.

You startled me!

They aren't laughing at that time.

His car is in fact worn out.

I've just finished doing my French homework.

I'm pretty certain that Erik can't speak French.

Have you heard her speaking English?

Therefore individual citizens have the duty to violate domestic laws to prevent crimes against peace and humanity from occurring.

I can't remember her phone number no matter how much I try.

The story will get around in a few hours.

Why do you want to take a taxi?

You can go back to work now.

Well, let's have lunch.

He is not such a nasty fellow as you think.

My English teacher has advised me to read these books.

We've got no plans to do that.

I don't feel like dancing.

I don't understand the questions that the teacher sets.


I know it's easier said than done but in my opinion you should challenge it.

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What do we know about her?

America is in the midst of a drug overdose epidemic.

your request has been denied because you have no valid residential address

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It wasn't just me who didn't like that movie.

I would have come back.

No medicine can cure folly.


I'm faxing over the information right now.

They spent time together in Paris.

Lawrence is perplexed by something.

Nhan neither reads nor writes.

Give Sri my best.

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I don't like this shirt. Show me another one.

I never got to talk to them.

Stephen Colbert is a pretty crazy guy.

Waiting is just a waste of time.

What was she thinking?

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Excellent! It's just like you to come through like that.

I wouldn't want anybody to see us.

You can adjust game configuration options when starting the game for the first time.


I more often go to Brussels than Paris.

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Ram and Sita were very fond of Hanuman.

I don't particularly want to see the game.

Toft threw an empty beer can at Stan.

This handkerchief is made of paper.

What exactly don't you get?

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They're young and healthy.

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Jiri is really good at tennis.

Fish live in the water.

Since I have no children, I have more time to spend doing volunteer work than parents do.

A Mr Smith came while you were out.

We need you to do your job.


He got on a train bound for Kanazawa.

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I heard you talking.


The floor feels cold.

Ro is going to have to do better than that.

You need to collimate the telescope.

Naomi doesn't know the boy talking to Christofer.

Oh, tell me your name!


He turned his artistic gifts to good account by becoming a painter.

I dismissed the protest.

The family is sitting in a happy circle around the dining table.

Buildings cannot deny the law of gravity.

My canary was killed by a cat.

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We rushed out onto the street.

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Lisa took a few steps closer to Merril.


Rolf took off his coat.

Ten years have passed since he died.

Why don't you tell me what you want?

Lend a hand with these parcels, please.

He felt as if he were floating.

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When I turned fifteen I started going out more.


There's a time for everything.

Where is your business trip report?

She is totally crazy for him.

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Our hotel faces the coast.

Tanaka is good with puzzles.

What relieves the pain?

I think it strange that Alice should keep silence for such a long time.

We're meeting at my place at 2:30.


He went hunting in the woods.

He can't whistle.

I'm sorry that I was born!

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Columbus sailed farther west to look for a new continent.

I was accustomed to hard work.

You shouldn't have gone fishing today.

Focus on one thing and do it well.

What'll you give him?


How can I become a trusted user?

Congress passed the proposal.

She regards him as her master.

If you listen, you can hear her breath.

I'll be direct.

Now here is a story about a Japanese girl named Haru-chan.

They fell in love the moment their eyes met.

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You've been a great guest.

Optimism is merely a lack of information.

It's well worth the trouble.


Are you seriously thinking about selling this on eBay?

There are three of us.

Not knowing what to do, I asked him for help.


Are you sure Shatter can do this by himself?

I want to keep working here.

Are you sure you're telling me everything?

I'll take a cab home.

I'm sure Oliver will be relieved.

Please wait until your turn.

Thomas is very good at doing things with his hands.

He was interested in only the pursuit of wealth.

My grandfather was quite a learned man for his time and place but he just wasn't cut out to be a businessman.


We pitched the tent next to the river.


I'm irreplaceable.


Kyung didn't approve.

Woody taught me how to play the blues on the piano.

I sent Simon back home.

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At the end of the day, the right decision was made.


Masha prefers coffee without caffeine.