That's awesome!

I'd rather have ice cream.

You got scared, didn't you?

You just missed it.

Lyndon is parked out front.

You're impossible.

I love you and I will always love you.

I brought a small notebook where I am going to write my observations.

Cindie hardly speaks any French.

Dimitry is now hiding in the mountains.

Hailing a cab in Manhattan at 5:00 p.m. is nearly impossible.

I think Carole paid far too much for that old saxophone.

I'm the last one who talked to Isabelle.

The average American living space is twice as large as the living space in Japan.

You've said enough.

Bryan has never been one to admit that he's wrong.


What about the rash?


Laurent is the one to blame.

Everything changes after a war.

He is chargeable with murder.

No-one invited her.

If I'd only known how Michiel felt!


If we're not careful, the tiger will soon go the way of the dodo.

Never have I dreamt such a strange dream.

Hartmann said I had no sense of humor.

Please make me some tea.

There is a bookstore in front of my house.

This is a new approach.

When it was almost time for the Jewish Passover, Jesus went up to Jerusalem.


The flower is red.

He knows too much.

Keep your distance from that dog.

Shel bargained with the salesman hoping to get a lower price.

They went on travelling for two days through a great forest, without food or drink, and without coming across a single house, and every night they had to climb up into the trees through fear of the wild beasts that were in the wood.

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Nick didn't pass the exam, did he?


Raif waved to Jeffery.

Few people noticed her absence from the party.

Frank has been quite helpful.


How do you study Esperanto?


Kriton didn't want to wait.

Barrio lives with his mother.

I wasn't told much to study in my home. It's because before tests I used to concentrate and study quite a bit.

I've been trying to avoid her.

You have to go talk to Jef.

I have an Asus laptop.

I doubt the new proposal will be accepted.

Would you please come over here?

Dan talked Linda into moving to London.


We can hear a brook murmuring.

This power station alone provides several cities with electricity.

Jan asked Syd how her father was.

The door was locked from the inside.

We're prepared to take that risk.

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Is that really Jarl's sister?


The conference is going to end today.


Can that be achieved?

This won't burn.

You just got lucky.

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Call me.

Leave me alone. I know what I'm doing.

This word-processor is very convenient.

Both sides accepted the proposal.

The sea was as smooth as glass.

I really can't be late.

I'm afraid I'm coming down with a cold.

It isn't music.

Who looks at the sky?

How much did that cost?

When he is in trouble, he always turns to his sister for help.

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My house is a little way from the street.

Dan didn't even smile.

Where do you know him from?

How can I explain this?

I used to work for Vick.

Thermometers often go below zero.

Will you be eating here or is this to go?

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The forest was very tranquil.

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What's the fastest way to get to Boston?

Jaime could trust Alexander to keep her word.

I want to see the countryside.


Lester set down the empty glass.


We need to begin.

I need you to unlock my computer.

The song had a melody that went like this.

I have nothing to do.

Never mind Hsi.

My cousin is the second to the last person in the line.

Try harder tomorrow.

I guess it's a secret.

My world is your world too.

If Spencer dies, what'll we do?

She made up her mind to be a secretary.


Pieter showed me the letter that Isidore had written in French.


Sandra and Olof started kissing each other as soon as the light was turned off.

Dan met Linda at the cemetery.

I am a widow.


I have Naren's key.

The author of the Slovio language has even made a porn site in it.

We plan to climb that mountain.

He lost the race because he was disqualified.

I've never seen that.

The conductor appeared on the stage.

Carol wants Florian to be more polite.

They're obsessed.

Try to see things as they really are.

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses?

I grilled one.


I'll go talk to them now.

I do still love you, Sridhar, even if you have been getting old.

Could you come up here, please?

Ahmet and Suzanne live in a very small apartment.

I will leave the experiment to you.

Every time I see that picture of my late mother, I feel a lump in my throat.

The king will be banished.

Can I call later today?

If you catch a cold, you cannot easily get rid of it.

Juergen had never seen anything like this before.

Did you think that was my idea?

Blayne and Ssi both said no.

My mouth is clean.

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I didn't tell Sonny about Sunil.


It gives me the creeps.

She never paints her lips red.

Why did June buy a new car?


They're so alike I can never tell one from the other.

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He led me to financial ruin.

Do you know his status in the company?

If you have written the letter, I'll post it.

That will happen to you too.

All I want now is a glass of water.

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This will give you an approximate idea of the situation.

As a child, I liked baseball better than football.

Who would ever believe that?


Let them do this.

The two boys raced each other home.

It's just not safe.

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How much time did we lose?

They constructed a new government.

The red dress looked good on her.

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Tell Magnus I'll be home soon.

Peggy has some explaining to do.

Edmond and Phillip went on a shopping spree.

It seems unlikely that the train will arrive on time.

Roland is much better today than yesterday.

How long have you had this pain?

I play tennis, but my form is terrible.

Myron is looking at Jacobson.

Ben has failed again. After all she is still young.

Have you ever sworn at a policeman?

Add water and stir to a paste.


This place is nice and quiet.


The Martian red desert stretched beyond and around me as I was wearing a spacesuit with oxygen tanks. The air outside was thinner, of course, than the Earth's. There was some breeze that would otherwise blow tumbleweeds on Earth's own deserts.

"Who can best do the job?" "No one other than Alison."

We still haven't found them.

I wanted to tell you, but Delbert told me not to.

We hope to lower the tariff.


Your comment is not relevant to the matter.

I thought that you were smart enough to know better.

I can usually tell when someone is hiding something from me.

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For some inexplicable reason, the flimsy shack survived the storm.


Let's just pretend we have a happy marriage.

What is at issue in this debate is the survival of our planet.

Milk makes us strong.

Are you sure you locked the door?

I'll pack.