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by John Fuller

A YA Comedy About Finding Yourself…and Everyone Else

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It’s a holiday tradition for 15-year-old Bayard Anniston: a freezing walk to his small town’s jail on Christmas Eve to post bail for his mom, Kendra. Mom’s been arrested five years running for stealing the baby Jesus from the town’s crèche. (She wouldn’t do it if they’d just add some figures of color.) But this year, her ex-girlfriend and nemesis LaBianca has found a way to press felony charges against her. And for a repeat offender like Kendra, a conviction could mean life in prison.

When Bayard falls for LaBianca’s daughter Mercury, the kids realize they will never be left to get it on in peace until they reconcile their two families. But digging into the past comes with a price, and the teenagers discover a connection more intimate than anyone knows: they may be brother and sister.

Bayard and Mercury want to know the truth, and along the way all their loyalties will be tested. And it could mean destroying the best thing they’ve ever had.

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