Is Laurie at home?

All of us should strive for immortality.

The ship swayed in the strong wind.

Please begin immediately.


Lonhyn is always nice.

She can read even this difficult a kanji.

I tried to keep my eye on the ball, but then the ball hit my eye.


The Cabinet conference was all but over then.

We've talked a lot on the phone.

That's a horse of a different colour.


For safety purposes, remove the plastic casing before use.

In the Sailendra dynasty, which arose in the eighth century in central Java, Mahayana Buddhism blossomed, and Buddhist temples like Borobudur were built.

How could I have fallen in love with her so quickly?

I love you more than he loves you.

He knows no English.

I'm too busy to go there.

He represented his class at the meeting.


He growled out orders to his subordinates.


His economical backing is secure.

You can't be too careful these days.

I think he's a competent person.

Rarely preys on large ungulates.

It is so humid in summer here.

Isn't it natural for a young man with a hard to shake reservedness about himself to think that he is secretly the chosen one?

Drink everything up, so that nothing remains inside.

The washing machine still doesn't seem to be working.

Can you give me some money?

We can't afford any more mistakes.

He boiled over with rage.

Something hit her and sent her sprawling to the ground.

Those twin brothers have similar faces.

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Nothing's wrong with him.

I have only myself to blame, I suppose.

I told him to stay.

She may have been beautiful when young.

Connecting a PC to the internet isn't rocket science.


What else could you possibly give me that I don't already have?

You already know the answer to that, Bryce.

Can this happen again?

You had better tell me the whole story.

I'll be with you in a moment.

Jiri doesn't want them back.

My mother told me that the only thing he could give me was a reputation.

I can perfectly handle a class of sixty students.

They guarantee it.

I'm just telling you to think about it.

Vice took care of the kids yesterday.

I tried to warn him about her, but he won't listen to me.

The mayor granted our request.

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Ssi wondered where he'd seen Jeanette before.

Do you love him?

Last night there was a full moon.

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More kids, more hands.

Are you busy today?

Goodbye, see you very soon!

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Kobolds can only be seen on moonless nights.

Dalton never mentioned it again.

Dan went back to bed.

I hoped things would get better, but as it is, they are getting worse.

Yesterday night, I was almost bitten to death by the laboratory mosquitoes.


First day of school starts Monday.

Randal couldn't find what he wanted at the supermarket.

Are there big rivers in Germany?

I assume you know what we're supposed to do next.

Water is much needed.

We may experience some difficulties.

She owns many valuable works.


I lived in Boston until I was thirteen.

Everybody knew Andries was in trouble.

I can't believe I just hugged you.

Scot spent thirty years in prison.

She played an important part in this project.

It's the third biggest city of Serbia.

Hon hid himself under the bed.

Toufic wants to study in Boston.

Set her free.

He read the poem with a loud voice.

I wish you could've seen Sharon's face.

We rushed out onto the street.

Those present rose as one man and walked out.

The accident happened a year ago today.

Do you know Diana well enough to ask him to do this?

Neville isn't busy either.

What the fuck are you talking about?


Isn't that what you've always wanted?

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She says that she wants me to come with her.

That was nice.

I don't want credit.

A computer spell checker could also eliminate most typing mistakes.

Why won't you let me see him?

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Ted is always in a hurry.

I spend a lot of time on the phone.

He makes a religion of never wasting a penny.

Destiny is not a fool, it will not make people meet for nothing ...

I think they know me.

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I haven't put on so much weight.

His face went to pieces with tears.

They're the police.

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Do you have any birthmarks?

He had been very busy, and still he came to help us.

Aren't you pushing it too far?

Best of all, he learns things fast.

I need to make a few calls.

With a hammer and nails in her hand, she headed straight here.

It's missing.

As soon as he received his pay, he spent it.

Take a good look.

I hope this lovely weather will continue.

I should've explained it better.

The new server should have much better performance.

They aren't hungry.

I need fish.

This classroom is separated from that one by a wall.

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What if we don't find her?

Ritalynne tried to hit Liber in the head with a chair!

They're only in it for the money.


Where we can talk undisturbed?

If you have any questions, you know you can call me.

He was attacked there by the rebels.

She is wearing an expensive necklace.

Don't you hate everything?

How do you usually spend your weekends?

I still can't believe this is happening.

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Last year, we had frequent disasters.

You're diplomatic.

His perfect score brought the class average up.

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This bucket has a hole in it.

I am dressed in red from head to toe.

The poet lived here twenty years odd.

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His office is convenient to the station.


When will his new novel be published?

This is a picture.

I will do as you say.

Just give me one day.

I just can't help you this time.

Jakob decided to help out.

Tuna taught me how to play the guitar.

Joni wants to come with us.

Wind energy has been used to some extent in many countries.

Duncan and Daren didn't wish to remain married to each other.

My experience shows that Esperanto lets you find a new insight into many cultures formerly unknown to you, inspiring you to learn them further.

Can I use your phone?

I went, too.

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There are big differences in broadband speed and quality from country to country.

A stroller has been left in front of the store.

Blayne is going to need these.


Peggy tried to thwart Billy's plans.

Do you ever talk to them?

Beetroot was offered to Apollo in his temple at Delphi.

How many dolls do you have?

The people elected Herbert president.

This book is smaller.

She doesn't want to express an opinion about him.

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From Tursun to Guzelnur, you are all good students.

Thirdly, if you don't put in the effort and challenge difficult things, there is nothing in the world at which you will succeed.

I ordered sushi, and John tempura.

Today is Saturday.

Novorolsky didn't stop talking.


There's nothing you can do.

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Children usually have faith in their parents.

Erick entered his office and saw a box on his desk.

We cannot finish it before Saturday even if everything goes well.

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That's just what I needed.

I don't want to see you anymore.

It's going to break her heart.


I am unconcerned with the problem.

I want to change that.

You've been great.

Space colonists thought that language was an important aspect of their lives. They sought an appropriate language.

That was terrific.