Tell them I feel fine.

Walter Jackson founded this university thirty years ago.

Syd's surgery lasted three hours.

I will call on you again.

We played chess all night.

Why do you want to buy this book?

He did nothing but watch TV all day.


Some flowers are magenta.

Tao ate some beans and a tortilla.

Let's get the party started.

You'll get these, won't you?

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it as fact.

Ssi should've followed Jane's advice.

I'm the teacher.


I slept with my clothes on.

He wrote his own name.

That's what we always wanted.

I told them to meet me here.

I can't get the car to start.


I want some candy.

Do you like only the boys?

I don't know if it's possible.

Briggs thought it was Marc who had broken into his apartment.

How can she speak that fast?


The patriots rebelled on behalf of their homeland's rights.


I'm cooking now.


She is a very beautiful woman.


I'll think it over.

Serdar lost weight very quickly.

He loves traveling.


Let me get the manager for you.


"We need to get rid of the body," said Morgan.


Rand doesn't care what happens to Huashi.

Lemaitre proposed that the universe began as a single primordial atom of energy, something hot and dense that exploded, causing space to expand outward.

My friend has proposed to me that I go play in the street.

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I'm at Narita Airport right now.

But it is undeniable that his influence on French history has been tremendous, and many of the institutions that Napoleon established are still incredibly important in contemporary French society.

I'll get one for you right away.

The education in that institute is simply pathetic.

I searched all over for you.


"I'm getting too old to be playing with bugs", said the boy.


I have a different job now.

What would you suggest we talk about?

That is a heart.


His first answer was laudable.

Each kid had their own room.

They won't allow me to do what I'm being paid to do.

What do you charge for lessons?

Joseph goes to college in Boston.

Leave here at once.

Heinz is still bothered.

I'm not cracking your mugs.

Benson and Syed spent three hours discussing the plan.

Somebody whispered Curt's name.

Who does not admire Guy?

I'll ask her to help me.

The heavy rain prevented me from going out.

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People often make bad choices.

The boy has been absent from school for eight days.

An announcement is expected soon.

I hope they kick Tharen out.

If you don't have an accident on the snowy roads I think you should be able to get back safely.

She looks young, but she's actually older than you are.

Wait until your turn comes.

Thank you for your interest in our company.

They made a perfect couple.

Cathrin usually eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast.

Who could it be?


Cindie probably knows where we can get something to eat around here.

You're the only person I know that owns a gun.

Do you know what flower to buy on Mother's Day?

They were going to lose.

Did Vern forgive you?

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"Anything else?" "No, that's all."

He seldom stays home on Sundays.

Dave is helping Miriam.

We're almost done.

We're not in school anymore.

"What do you want the most now?" "Money."

No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to catch up with him.

She works for hours.

I sat between Kees and Cynthia.

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You weren't interrogated today, right?


It was a miscalculation.

The bitch is biting her owner.

I really do want to help them.

Ken isn't winning.

He works as hard as ever, but he remains poor.

France and Spain have a common border.

Barbra didn't have to help me.


Mariah Carey's greatest gift is her voice.

Hurry up, and you'll be in time for school.

I saw something moving in the dark.

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Alexander unlocked the car and got in.

They left me in charge.

I'm not setting anything on fire.

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The name of the cybertherapist is Eliza.

She got angry about my talk.

I enjoy her company.


You will feel the happiest person in the world.


He is out of the office.

Do not reuse.

Here the road curves to the right.

It is by no means easy to please everybody.

That hardly mattered.

It's completely illogical. It wasn't as if I was shouting outside while drunk.

There's another rumor in the air that the firm is going into bankruptcy.


How can you sleep at a time like this?

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What about a beer?

I've done all I can here.

Carolyn seemed like a nice guy at first.

The two players in the lead earned the same number of points, so the competition will go into a tiebreaker.

I've just returned from the post office.

We should obey the traffic rules.

We take risks all the time.

The reason is obvious.

In the U.S., we say "bless you" to someone when they sneeze.

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The doctor told Heather to lower the amount of red meat that he ate.

The murderer hasn't been arrested yet.

The two men were not related.


The old woman lived in a 3 room apartment by herself.


According to today's paper, there was a big earthquake in Chile yesterday.


Bud asked Steen not to visit him anymore.

Toby is off duty tonight.

Would you like to get together again next weekend?


Murph was efficient.

The whole school turned out to welcome Pim back.

Not a day seems to pass without newspapers reporting the war.

I have to apologize.

They failed to get the necessary votes.


The history of the development of aviation is fascinating.

I do not have a lot of money.

He ate a box of chocolates.


Can I give you some advice?


Cyrus agreed to meet Panacea in front of the laundromat.

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Deb hasn't yet done what he promised he would do.

Where did you get these?

The prefectural police chief tried to tighten his police officers' discipline.

Deep Blue beat chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov in 1997.

I tried doing that once myself.

It's a crime against nature.

Caroline began to help her brother in the manufacture of telescopes and to share his passion for astronomy.


That song was very popular three years ago.


It's actually kind of annoying.

The wind is blowing east.

Barley will be planted in this field.

I am really into soccer.

Somebody saw you.

I was on the list.

I can't even begin to comprehend why somebody would do something like this.

Few people think so.

I feel like the window was open all night.

I wonder if anything happened to him.

You're not going to open it, are you?

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I want you to keep an eye on Agatha.

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Get to work, Kriton.

I'm sure everything will be just fine.

Could you keep an eye on Lee?

"Will you buy it for me?" "Buy what?"

Pets are permitted.