Will you meet our demands?

She is obstinate.

Her eyes held a look of silent appeal.

I know who killed the police inspector.


Just don't surrender.

I'm going to approve your plan.

You got involved in something bad, huh?


I'll vouch for him.

We didn't know which bus to take.

I felt a bit tired from swimming all morning.

Next year is the year of the rabbit.

Were you intoxicated?


Angus was momentarily silent.

Look at the moon.

Do you deliver?


I'm not bad!


You're going to need better shoes.

Look up the words you don't know in the glossary.

He died a slow horrible death after professing to all his friends that the cause of his calamity was that which he did in Jerusalem.


I thought it would be better to remain silent.

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What can I do without my friends?

My brother looks very similar to me.

Why do you want to be a doctor?

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I'm surprised by her lack of responsability.

Liber is getting on my nerves.

There's the island of my dreams!

You always throw your money away.

We have a lot of catching up to do.

Either he is to blame, or I am.

Hienz doesn't buy Bernard's explanation for a second.

She wants to look younger.

She doesn't want to try anything else.

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We've got to talk to Paula before he does something stupid.

It is best to value honor above wealth.

Lana didn't want to talk.

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He went to bed.

I need your answer tomorrow.

They have got it.


You must apologize to her for coming late.

All is well that ends well.

All of the instruments Tycho Brahe used to observe the sky were made in his own workshop. He also printed all of his books on his own presses.

I don't have a lot of time. Can you take care of it?

"These are but shadows of the things that have been," said the Ghost. "They have no consciousness of us."


Cover it with a plate.

More and more people offered to help.

Elwood and John are both competent alchemists. Jeany often shows himself to be the more skillful, but both experience explosions in the lab.

The bad weather prevented me from going fishing.

I thought they found him.


These creatures evolved from simpler organisms like jellyfish.

The old man often looks back on his youth.

My father will possibly come on the next train.

What causes this?

He takes after his father.

Tovah couldn't help getting angry with King.

You must view the matter from different angles.

We have to persuade Molly to stay here.

Thinking about her future, she is unsettled.


We don't have any money left.

I'll go get changed.

Which do you drink more, coffee or tea?

I think that's a really bad idea.

Jesse is brushing his hair.

We've been going out three months.

The prime minister paid a formal visit to the White House.

Noemi wrote a very detailed report.

I want your respect.

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I'm waiting for her.

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Yesterday it was neither too warm nor too cold. It was an ideal day for taking a walk.

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What was the situation in Boston?

Anthony is barbaric.

You'll be in time for the train if you start at once.

The calculator on the table is mine.

She went to the station to see him off.

What were the alternatives?

I awoke one morning and found myself famous.

You're being a little too optimistic, I think.

She is a selfish woman.

In many English words, there are letters that aren't pronounced.

Tanaka thanked me for coming.

There's something strange going on.

Jussi designed this building.

Klaudia tells me you're a doctor.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Subra made me take a shower.

Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.


I often have nightmares.

I've just started playing tennis.

I felt so refreshed after a swim in the pool.

Germany is to ban employers from snooping on Facebook.

I bought it thinking it was cheap, but it was rotten, so I ended up losing out.

Does this require me to have friends?

Jim looked right and left before he crossed the road.


Maybe we should go home.

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I thought you might feel like going out for a drink.

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Refreshments will be served afterwards.


Is the idea wrong?

She's actually one of the only people I do trust.

Hume is single.

It has been wonderful.

You must stand up for what you believe in or no one will respect you.

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I'll be back in about an hour.

Let's dance together.

Joseph plays tennis with Ernest at least once a week.

Cristopher might already be there.

Your friendship means much to me.


I pretended to play along.


The thief was apprehended this morning.

I have three times as much money as you.

Soohong settled himself in a chair.


I told Anatole I'd close the windows and lock up.

Kenton looks as though he might start crying.

I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow.


Cecilia wanted to grab a bite to eat on his way home.

What did you tell her?

If you go up two floors, you'll reach the clearance sale on the sixth. Most of the items up there are half-off or less.

Thanks again for coming.

Why did you buy a turtle?

The building has twenty floors.

Government spending is getting a little out of hand.

I can't burden Mott with that responsibility.

She looked after her sister, who was in bed with a bad cold.

Donna was working part-time.

Lucifer doesn't know what to do with his money. He has so much of it.

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Eli is just fucking around.

It's my biggest problem.

Stephe brought a cup of tea to me.

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Dan can't stop me from doing that.

I've said all I'm going to say.

Who are you and where did you come from?

It's a solvent firm.

I'm going to take Clare home.


They prefer green apples.

The earth is round.

Rudy didn't wear the tie Sylvan wanted him to wear.

I will stay with you provided that you stay here.

He ate a quarter of the cake.

The voyage to America used to take many weeks.

The messenger left for London in secret.

Welcome to this brand new week!

Do you mind telling me what's happening?

Lucy made her parents happy.

The roads are dirty.

I'll ask him to join you.

It looks like I'm on my own.

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He has been ill for the past few days.

To speak is one thing and to write is another.

Linda gave Marcel a quick kiss.

A good time was had by all.

I'm looking for my car keys.

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Jane cannot have said such a thing.


Suyog and Sally work out at the same gym.

My uncle lives in New York City.

Why would Beth come over here and help us?

Would you like to study with me?

Why don't you apply for the job of interpreter?

Butler is testing us.

Dory was kind enough to lend me the money I needed.


In 508BC, the ruler of Athens, Cleisthenes established ostracism to prevent the appearance of a tyrant.

Bye! Take care!

We're thoroughly prepared for the millennium bug.

I'd like to sit further back.

I love working here.

No one believes you.

Greg didn't want Kaj to see John anymore.

I won't get sucked into this.

We read you loud and clear.