Pascal kneeled.

Inferiority complex - what exactly does that mean?


I learned to write in school.

You'll have to tell me the rest of the story some other time.

She can play the piano well.

I didn't recognize Spencer at first.

What is that thing in your right hand?

The property was almost completely overgrown with wild blackberry bushes.

They all searched for the lost child.

Nothing has changed for generations.

Your message has been sent.

Angry at Leif Ericson for stealing his thunder 500 years before, Christopher Columbus once wrote a rigorous mathematical proof that showed how Ericson had never actually been to North America. Unfortunately, the proof was too difficult for even the brightest mathematicians to understand.

Kurt, could you keep an eye on the kids?

And it is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than one tittle of the law to fail.

There was a very simple reason for this: their planet was cooling down internally and would become uninhabitable within 500 years.

All you have to do is to make a comment.

I learned a lot about them.


"Let's go to the movies at seven." "Is it all right if we go at seven thirty?" "I'm worried that we'd be late if we do."


She is only 26 years old and has already managed several companies.

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This is no longer an isolated problem.

How much time do we have before we leave?

They have scarcely gone out since the baby was born.

She didn't come after all.

Where can we find him?

She was afraid of the dog.

What was Brodie called?

Why don't you tell me what you want?

He is from France.

Roxana and Pandora just did what they were told to do.

We're actually all on one team.


He ought to put his mind to something more useful.

Bertrand handed Naresh a book.

Why would Norma lie to us?

Don't be embarrassed.

I'll meet her at the library.

The mother kissed her baby.

He jumped to get a ball.


My sister is a very beautiful girl.

I'm humble.

I know that Lar doesn't like Sam.

I won't let them interfere.

You are not really prepared to go on a pilgrimage.

I'm going to Boston for three months.

The Tiber divides Rome into two parts.

It wasn't me, commissioner!

Please get off the couch.

This is the longest bridge in the world.

She could not come because of her illness.

Lowell started whistling a happy tune.

I didn't know Anderson was born in Boston.


I like sauerkraut.


I'm not teaching anymore.

Never mind, I can do it by myself.

Sal is your uncle.

I wish to remain here.

I was very successful.

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Is that everything you wanted?


Who sent Kevyn?

I heard Wayne singing in the next room.

I am no longer able to handle the chest pain.

I don't want to get involved.

Kirk came to visit me when I was in jail.

Many students have part-time jobs.

I can tell you what I'm not doing.

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I have to buy a new rug for the room.

You have to stop worrying.

I'm very tired.

I just had my hair done.

Lorien will do his best.

Tran and Norbert kept their marriage a secret from almost everyone.

It's been a while, hasn't it?


Don't speak nonsense!

She voted for Mr Nishioka irrespective of party lines.

He abused my confidence.

I haven't had much sleep lately.

This tool will come in handy during the trip.

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Joni has regained consciousness.


Klaudia heard something and turned around to see what it was.

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Did Johnathan know that he was doing it the wrong way?

Oleg called Ahmet continuously.

Put those guns away.

There is a church across the street.

Could you do that, Douglas?

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Anton majored in drama.


Louie and I often swim together.

Why didn't you come sooner?

They had a picture perfect life.

I'll stay in Beijing for four days.

If your company primarily does business with America, then you should be studying English with a native speaker from America.

What do you think if we buy mangos for lunch?

To tell the truth, I had forgotten all about our appointment.

I did it without consulting anyone.

Could you draw a map for me?

It is dangerous for you to travel to a foreign country by yourself.

Christie was talking nonsense.

He's been on the telephone for the past two hours.

Where is the accent on the word 'Australia?'

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We don't belong in here.

The dog was killed on the spot.

Refreshments will be served.

Is it OK to drink beer on your university campus?

How did your boyfriend react when you told him that you hadn't always been a woman?

He is of a serious turn of mind.

Radek is one of our research assistants.

Please clean those dishes.

That was our goal.

In the fall, the leaves turn red and gold.

Rusty smokes two or three cigarettes a day.

Now I'm ready for anything.

The audience applauded appreciatively.

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All the other windows are open.

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We went up the mountain by cable car.

Don't listen to him. Tao is lying to you.

He will have dinner.

If you want quality, pay for it.

Chris won't survive much longer.

He has been asked to sit on the committee.

I can go a couple of days without eating if I have to.

You could never do that.

According to today's paper, there was a big earthquake in Chile yesterday.

I asked Olson a few questions.

Jon told Erick that she shouldn't swim.


Fritz missed the net.

The car screeched to a halt just in time.

Sorry, could you repeat that?


What are you unhappy about? Let it out and let everyone cheer you up a bit.


Hug Jess.

His business in New York was a great success.

Jesse walked in and quietly closed the door behind him.


You bought us some time.

I need to ask you one more favor.

The plural of horse is horses.

He never travels without taking an alarm clock with him.

Holly is probably OK with it.

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That doesn't sound quite right.

You need patience, Lois.

I found your wallet behind the sofa.

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Something wrong with that?

I don't like Son very much.

A butterfly's wing contains many details.

What we've accomplished is amazing.

Roberta begged Bert to slow down.

Every member but me believes what he says.

Every road leads to the end of the world.

What a beautiful town!

It's not fair!


I thought Norma had already left.

He is a real gentleman.

That worries me so much.

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When all else fails, use fire.


The hotel remains closed during the winter.

We're both very upset.

Students are forbidden to smoke on the school grounds.

I want you to be nicer to Srinivasan.

Are there two windows in your room?

Don't ask so many questions.

Don't you have work tomorrow?

Is he married or single?

I'll peel an orange for you.


It's scary how little consideration she gives to being a woman.


The resolution was not approved immediately.

I need to know how to do this.

I just knew you would say that.


Truer words have never been spoken.

The band played several marches.

My throat is dry.

He didn't show up at the party.

Give my love to your parents.