The couple wants to purchase a home.

Classical music soothes me.

They were playing sports all afternoon. Etienne played very well.

She's picking her nose.

I've never lied to him.

Home prices are surging.


I'll see them next week.


Once a man, twice a child.


Those were Ji's last words.

I am looking forward to meeting you when you come.

Julius should have known better than to believe Niels.

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The crowd was cheering as Hohn crossed the finish line.

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It would seem that the Chinese can't restrain themselves from speaking English with me, even though they know that I speak Chinese and that I'm not English.

I requested him to keep me informed.

I'm interested in helping her.

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The new article will be phased in in the market.

This book is mine.

Claire leaned over the bridge.

Mason had difficulty paying attention.

Ozan spoke to the doctors in French.


I work at this company.

I really want Stephanie near me.

The referee must be fair to both teams.

I've always liked him.

You're spreading false news.

It's not about how much you're worth, but how much they are going to pay for having you.

Have you ever spent any time in Boston?

Nhan met John in prison.

It's been a struggle.

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Here is the hospital where I was born.

Africa is home.

They relate events after they had taken place.

Whether it may be hard or not, I must do it.

The rescue workers are going to hand out supplies to the victims of the earthquake.

Would you like me to open the door for you?

Randy should be at home with his family.

We're not where we want to be.

Do not look upon the vessel but upon that which it contains.

I can't get into this building.

If you tell a lie, Lord Emma will rip out your tongue.

Sophie was so hungry that she ate everything that she could get her hands on.

Did you buy it on the black market?

It's just not all that interesting.

So are you and Hanna planning on getting married?

Jock is unscrupulous.

What makes you think I'm scared?

I think you're on the right track.

He would sometimes talk with the soldiers.

I want to talk to the police.

Eddie has decided to stay with us for a while.

There is a border between America and Mexico.

Adams did not expect the job to be easy.


Nuh-uh, that's not true.

Nothing gave Elsa so much joy as the little pair of embroidered shoes that she held in her hand, for the girl had hitherto been forced to run about barefoot by her cruel stepmother.

We all have children.

Kevan is still abroad.

Humans have two legs.


I'm going to get you.


The national health service was far from adequate.

The E-type Jaguar was an iconic sports car in the 1960s.

The Bible has it written like this.


The long-range forecast says we will have a mild winter.


Sekar was in a hurry.

I know what you were thinking, because I was thinking it, too.

She wrote to him to tell him that she couldn't come to visit next summer.

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It looks exactly like mine.

Sheila is dubious.

My brothers are already married.

The fortress was secure from every kind of attack.

He would still be alive had he refused to go to the battlefield then.


Jeany washed his hands and face.

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Shahid can write with either hand.


Past the west coasts of Europe and Africa to the tip of southern Africa.

It doesn't matter what excuse he gives me, I can't forgive him.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

I'm proud of my family.

Sekar says they need more time.

Bad habits die hard.

Jess believed that what Gerard told him was true.

It was already after 8 o'clock, so we called it a day.

My wish is to conquer this mountain.

Young children usually have short attention spans.

Where are you stationed?


I've arranged everything.


Sherman was arrested for drunk driving.

At last, the truth became known to us.

It's not bugging me.


Everyone smiled at her.

I pardoned my friend for his poor manners.

This organization relies entirely on voluntary donations.

"Leith is getting married." "Who's the lucky girl?"

I know what.

I have been blocked many times.

The task of philosophy is to recover the totality obscured by the selection.


Mr Smith always begins his lectures with a joke.

She's the most beautiful woman.

He instructed me to go to bed early.

Dylan expected more.

My cousin, who is a lawyer, is in France at present.

Austria is a parliamentary republic in central Europe and consists of nine federal states.

Chuck knew it was safer to walk on the sidewalk, but he walked down the center of the road.

A thick fog delayed our flight.

We'll take care of Nick.

He was reminded to pay his taxes.

Will's loyalty was never in doubt.

Something's very wrong.

I suppose that makes sense.


I would like to visit France someday.

Your bereavement saddens me.

Do you want to talk to her?

I use wet wipes instead of toilet paper.

It can be expensive.


I just did what Morris asked me to do.

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I can't see taking advice from Jitendra.

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Why did Dan kill himself?

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I can't think of the name.

Flight 101 from Paris arrived one hour ahead of time.

That company charges a monthly service fee of thirty dollars.

It might even work.

The manager sent the bunt sign to the batter.

He comes every day to visit his sick friend.

It's half past one.

I pulled a triceps.

They both blushed.

That's no skin off my back.

I speak Japanese well.


I have a class every other day.

Come on. There's someone I want you to meet.

I haven't asked a question yet.


Since I've never eaten here before, I don't know what to recommend.

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I'd like to talk with each of the survivors.

Don't expect me to believe such a tall tale.

You're right about that. I wonder if they are going to understand you.

I would like to live in luxury.

Give Daddy a kiss.


Call me back when you find it.

Maybe we can make it.

Do you know what Al does in his spare time?


Jeffrey did not want to meet up with Rolfe in the city. Therefore, she canceled on him.

Hope doesn't feed our familes.

My cat will love this.


Scot should get the job.

I can never stay angry at Eric for very long.

Wine can make the meal.

Recent studies have shown that is not true.

The United States comprises 50 states.


Even though I didn't want to drink alone, I did.

Don't climb up the wall.

He came at about two o'clock.

That was very careless of them.

Why would I worry?

Hers was a nervous disease, and a change of air was an urgent need.

No one's going to find you.

Break this glass in case of fire.

No other mountain in Japan is higher than Mt. Fuji.


She looks lonesome.


She should get to the school in an hour.


She wants to see you dead.

Who's your favorite Japanese singer?

Modern technology has made our lives more comfortable.

A number of tickets are sold in advance.

Lynnette handed Takayuki a cup.


The angry crowd threw missiles at the police.