We need to wait and see.

Socorrito's very nice.

How do you pronounce the symbol @ in this language? "ampersand"

I need to change my shirt.

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There is a good chance of him having a girlfriend.

Fred needed money from the bank.

I don't think Moore did it.


I don't think Heidi did this.

Can I take these for you?

I wanted to play tag with the other children, but they wouldn't let me.

The sunshine tempted people out.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.

There's no way.

They were talking about me.


You aren't young.

Noam just changed his profile picture.

I'll see to it that I will never be late again.

I don't care a bean.

Does Nancy have to do her homework now?


The cup will go straight into the pool room.

We don't have any other options.

Guess what I'm holding in my hand.

Get off me you little pest!

Go away. And don't come back.


You can cut wood with a hand saw, or with a jigsaw.

Call me one of these days.

Sid made partner.


These words aren't used in spoken language.

Which team will win?

Scary movies will frighten the children.

I knew it.

They walked down the street singing a song.

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The worst comes afterwards.

Almost everyone in our village is related to one another.

I think about that a lot.


Be sure to put the fire out before you leave.

Karen can't get around without a wheelchair.

The stout man leaped over the shallow ditch and stumbled.


Are you sure? You won't regret it later.


I used to work in a restaurant when I was in college.

You'll get fired.

She earned remarkable grades at the final exams.

It is said that truth always triumphs.

Don't forget to polish your shoes before you go out!


Let's have our picture taken.

The leopard cannot change his spots.

President Wilson accepted Germany's apology.

Even though we're engaged, she wouldn't let me kiss her.

Liz is a tomboy.

Put out the candle. The blackout is over.

Cristi has a large social network.

The report may be exaggerated.

Sundar enjoys reading books in French.


Travelling is interesting and funny.


I don't think I have any choice.

I know what happened to them.

I am married to your mother, but I am not your father. You are my stepson.

Major was one of the bad guys.

This is altogether different.

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Debi found Miles a job not too far from where she lives.

I've seen it happen too many times already.

I was glad to see my old friends.

Your information is incorrect.

Tonight there is a performance of a known Cabaret artist.

This building is a capsule hotel lodging men and women.

Elizabeth was happy to see Serdar again.

When they had read what was written on the stone, the younger brother said:

I'm sure of his success.

I don't know Manjeri well, but I know his wife.

We found it impossible to persuade him.

What sort of house do you have?

List took out his handkerchief and blew his nose.


They liked to play in the snow.

Did you know that this is a sentence?

Get them out of here.


Stop her.

You sound like an idiot if you talk like this.

We told him.

What is the exchange rate for dollars now?

Does anybody here trust him?

We're looking for our passports.

A wise person profits by his mistakes.

You should bring her to dinner so we can get to know her better.

Pete came coasting down the hill on his sled.

The property was purchased with laundered political money.

On Friday I go to the market to get some potatoes and eggs.

I don't have books to read.

What happened to Lou's parents?

I'll be out in a jiff.

Someone set fire to the house.

They'll be looking for him.

Smallpox was unknown to Native Americans.

It has developed into a very large city.

My childhood was completely taken away from me. There was no Christmas, no birthdays. It was not a normal childhood, no normal pleasures of childhood. Those were exchanged for hard work, struggle and pain, and eventual material and professional success.

The call is free of charge.

Scotland can be very warm in September.

He didn't spare time on his studies.

It finally made sense to me.

No money was stolen.

Nahuatl was the language of the Aztecs.

Let me think a minute.

Perry probably doesn't like Reinhard.

I want to know who did it.

You're such rascals!

Mara could be right about that.

It's a goat and it is absolutely normal.

The wounds, if they become more serious, can threaten your life's future.

I forgot that Tandy spoke French.

The funeral was yesterday.

His work absorbed all his energies.

We lost by a score of three to one.

Turn right at the next crossing.

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The flowers have all withered.

It's moist and warm.

Why is he here?

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I was bored to death.

You seem to really be enjoying yourself.

Paul's knowledge of creative bookkeeping has been the secret of his ability to get all the staffing he needs.


The same is true of all human beings.

Fresh vegetables contain many nutrients.

She was left to her own devices.

Why are you acting like my mother?

Pieter would've tried to stop you.


Try to do better in the future.


Can you recommend a romance novel for me?

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Sir took the knife away from Dan.

My father has never, ever gone abroad.

We've got you covered.

Tricia respects Juliet a lot.

Just reading the medicine made the cough go away.

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The people from Colombia speak Spanish.

What're you hunting?

What else is new?

I just came by to say I'm sorry.

It's your responsibility to finish the job.

Actions speak louder than words.

He got the lady some water.

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Starbuck has the key.

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Everything depends on money.

You're not the only one that was hurt.

Send them down.

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What's the minimum salary in Iraq?


Takao doesn't have any teaching experience.

Boyce seems to be unwilling to acknowledge that Cole is a better swimmer than he is.

Because of the icy streets, we could not drive the car.

Ric wasn't impressed by what he saw.

Please try drinking that coffee. I think it tastes very good.

He's ruthless.

I want to know what happened to the gun you received from Miek.


This has to be graphed on three axes, so go ahead and whip out your laptops, kids.

Granted that he is honest, but I doubt his ability.

I knew what you were up to.

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I don't think we really need to attend that meeting.

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Let me come, too.


By the time Florian got to the bus stop, the bus he was planning to take had already left.

Much can be learned by observing how a child interacts at play with other children.

Their grapes suit my palate.

Marvin is obviously distressed over something.

Have you ever plucked a chicken?

International law is a branch of law.

He has been waiting for an hour.

Your job hangs by a thread.

He is terribly jealous.

Would you like to have some fun?

Andy wants me on his team.

That was the reason.

I'd like you to stay with me for a while.


I feared that I might be late for the bus.