You got your wish, didn't you?

Thumbs up! You've got the job.

We haven't done that in a month.

The only thing that matters is that you weren't injured.

I thought I had the right to be here.

Not everybody loved Graeme.

This artist is soon to be famous like Yamagata.

What are the four major golf tournaments comparable to the ones in tennis?

My father used to read me bedtime stories when I was a kid.

After dinner, I plan to take a bath and go to sleep.

You've got to go back.

Many of our customers are in Australia.

Dominick was fired.

My husband is a compulsive gambler. What can I do?

It's obvious that you're no longer interested.

I know the reason that she quit her job.


Pratapwant was skiing down a mountain.


It turns out that Reinhard never graduated from college.


I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you.


Can I give you a ride somewhere?

We need to buy her a present.

With that as a start many European poems and much literature came to be introduced.

We made use of the maps during our journey.

Have you done something wrong?

Even though I spoke French, they didn't understand.

I haven't seen any of his films.

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I've lost my wallet. I'm pissed!

Billie wants to see you and me.

Sundaresan is one tough cookie.

My father is in good health.

The death of her husband was her rebirth.

If you care to come, you will be welcome.

Juliet has been learning French for a few years.

Are you sleeping?

Do you still need a loan?

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There's only one bath towel in our bathroom.


Finishing this job by Tuesday will be a piece of cake.


He is a novelist rather than a politician.

Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him?

They say that music soothes the savage beast, but for me personally, it neither relaxes me nor calms me.

Don't let her run away.

Mame uses a coffee mill to grind coffee beans.


The faculty meeting adopted the dean's proposal.

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Roman reached inside his jacket for his cell phone.

You are seriously ill.

Ted Cruz dropped out of the presidential race.

Ofer tried not to look frightened.

Monty has written several other books.

You need a haircut, Suyog.

Buzz off.

Have you seen Sally of late?

I'm going to Boston this summer.


I should have exiled myself to the summit of a mountain and spent my days growing bonsais and writing kanji in black ink.

The rejected feel dejected.

I have good credit.

This is where Allan said he found the gold coin.

Hsuan called the police.

The contents of the box are listed on the label.

Are you good at sports?


I came because of something you wrote.


Sanjeev didn't even try to help Kieran.


Rajendra took a picture of himself flexing his abs in front of the mirror.

Egyptian began to be written using the Greek alphabet in the 1st century.

Agatha stopped at the water fountain to get a drink.

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That joke he told really cracked me up!


Matti does excellent work.

Few people think so.

Which search engine do you use?

We can all agree on that.

It's never too late to learn.

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I can't sleep well in a strange bed.

We don't accept emailed submissions.

Blaine doesn't usually dress like that.

We're dating.

Do your parents speak English?


Actually she is a loose woman.

What was the last movie you went to see?

It certainly could've been worse.

We'll need to talk to her.

What on earth were you thinking, bringing him here?

I made that for her.

Fill the blanks with suitable words.

She has an eye on a good bargain.

Thank you so much for being here.

Sam doesn't want kids.

When you speak Shanghainese with your mum, I only understand a few words, so I can't join in the conversation.

Be more precise.

I inscribed 2,000 English words into my memory.


You're probably right.


It won't be long.


I forgot to turn off the television before bed.

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Are you happy here?


Kyu sat facing the door.

He has a gift for drawing.

My grandmother lived to be ninety-five years old.


We were dealing with very complicated issues.

Measureless fear makes always to act clumsily.

I had a tough day.

If she asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

I'd accept.

He owes me one.

You can spend the night with us.

Dustin will have no choice.

Are you questioning my integrity?

I told Theodore myself.

I meant no disrespect.

Some of the students were from Asia and the others were from Europe.

We should try that new restaurant downtown.


Maybe we can sit together.

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Juliet bought everything he needed in just thirty minutes.


I didn't buy anything at that store.

Joni grew up in a small town in Australia.

He's a very affectionate father.

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Both Sanjib and John are blind.

None of the rooms is ready.

Do you have someplace to go?

Drink wet cement and get really stoned.

I do not remember seeing the letter, but perhaps I read it.

Why don't you try a taste of this?

The cabinet asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.

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It may well rain before tonight.

He made her happy.

Emily's next crime will be his last.


Amigo gave him a little kiss on the cheek.

The crowd calmed down.

We should never have given up.

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Lynn works full time.

Let's play some cards.

Words cannot describe how happy and blessed I am to have you.

I stared at him in confusion.

What can you tell me about Damon?

Hsuan should have known better than to trust Roberta.

Whatever you do, don't open that door.


Oh, no! What am I going to say to Jwahar?

This sweater irritates my neck.

It doesn't make any sense.

That's my call.

Russ lives right around the corner.

That new movie was a bummer.

The site of the castle is now a park.

Did she write in her diary yesterday?

I want you to do me one last favor.

He seldom, if ever, goes to see the movies.

Can I have a glass of water, please?


Revenge is a dish which is best served cold.


I want to hire a helper.

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No algorithm that can solve this problem in polynomial time has been found yet.

You might want to leave a little earlier today.

We ate your delicious duck.


Do you know who wrote this book?

I know you're afraid of flying.

You're going to have to come with us, Mara.


I love playing music with Helge.


What've you been doing to her?

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What a beautiful photo! It seems like a painting.

Maurice let me borrow his car.

The evening in Hawaii is very beautiful.

How many tricks have you taught your dog to do?

Can I speak to your supervisor?

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We commended him for his good work.