All you have to do is push this button to take a picture.

The scenery was breathtaking.

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Dan did not get from Linda the love he was looking for in return.

Spare me the technical details.

I think it's good.

"Look, Mike!", Hiroshi cries.

Daryl and I are always busy.


I'm in love with you.

How long have you been in this country?

What is it that impels people to vote for the FDP?


She looked on his decision as a grave mistake.


The French language, by the way, is a clear stream that affected writers have never been, and will never be able to ripple. Each century has thrown in this limpid current its fashions, its pretentious archaisms and its preciousness, without anything surfacing from those useless attempts, those powerless efforts. The nature of this language is to be clear, logical and nervous. It won't let itself be weakened, obscured or corrupted.


Let's sit down here.

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This word doesn't translate very well.


Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

He had trouble getting money.

Margie agreed to accept Jelske's offer.

We're not going to make it, Donne.

He cannot argue without losing his temper.

The residents were curious about other people's business.

Will anyone really care?


Don't mind me. Just keep doing what you were doing.


When operating the unit, play in a well-lit room and keep a safe distance from the screen.

My mother cooks skillfully.

The most decisive event of his life was going to happen there.

I'm glad I wasn't the one who had to do that.

Tobias looked like a volcano about to erupt.

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We both know this isn't real.

Can you recommend a good restaurant?

Erwin and I both spent our time in the navy on the same type of ship.


Mice are distinct from rats.

This ain't normal.

Mikael has lived up to our expectations.

The small car boom is ending.

Rupture stress is much higher in the case of metals as it is for plastics.

You can't have it both ways.

It's a very long story.

Did I touch a nerve?

You just now noticed this?

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Speak for yourselves.


I haven't seen her in years.

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Peter is the right boy for the job.

I want you to ride with her.

The world is not what it used to be.

He refused to shake hands with me.

She drives a Beemer.

You'll have to learn to live with it.

I thought you liked me.

The heavy rains caused the river to flood.

Central nervous system consists of brain, cerebellum, medulla oblongata and spinal cord.

They're both expecting babies.

We were worried something had happened.


No one's buying it.

I am happy I still get to celebrate Thanksgiving with them!

Eat and drink.

I noticed that a small gray animal was looking toward us.

Who does that guy think he is?


Andrea hates parents who don't control their bratty children.

This is puzzling.

I'll come see you later.

We'd better get ready.

I have no idea why Dean enjoys swimming so much.


We'll be up late tonight.

We have some time.

Take this medicine twice a day.

I don't think it's really broken.

Theo uses two computers at the same time.


Isaac is young enough to be your daughter.

Nicholas has lived up to our expectations.

Luis and Vladislav looked at one another.


In fact, he too loved her.

Micheal tossed the flowers into the garbage can.

We should keep this information under wraps for the time being.

I am going to do odd jobs during the spring vacation.

Many of the children were almost naked.


This feels weird.


His voice doesn't go with his appearance.

Sam's eyes started to water.

I will not come.

Just call them.

I won't leave without Kristian.

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I'm glad that you understand.


Google Translate is not good enough for Ubuntu Translations. Also this is against Ubuntu policy.

What's the minimum salary in South Africa?

We eat so we may live.

Horst is good at keeping secrets.

Klaudia spent the day in the park.

She likes it least of all.

What are you planning to do this weekend?

He would make everyone happy.

This is getting weirder.

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I never saw that coming.

Many miners are afraid that the mine will be closed down soon.

Since experts have been unable to translate the ancient text, museum officials are asking the public to take a crack at it.

We must have faith in the president.

Eva believes in life after death.

How much money do you owe her?

You've got a minute to go and return.

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Hal was really good.

I will get in touch with you.

He seemed unconscious of my presence.


The boys are under the bed.

He died four to six weeks ago.

We can't do that either.


That's hindsight.


We hope it doesn't happen again.


How have you been?

Rabin taught himself how to ski.

Do you hate me?

The more she thought about it, the less she liked it.

What's taking her so long? She's been in there forever.

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Do you think we should report this?

Her surprise was so great that she could not speak.

It's the truth.

Earle handed Darren a knife so she could peel the apples.

Any problem that can be resolved with money isn't a problem, but the problem is that I'm poor.


Did you see him this morning?

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It sounds very exciting.

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I need the exact address so that I may go there.

It seems that the news was false.

Rand and Martin were both wearing heavy winter coats.

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Michael Glawogger was an Austrian filmmaker who was well known for his documentary films.


Ann loves chocolate more than anything.

I do not like the house.

If I were you, I would quit my job and leave London.

No worries.

The bat screeches.

An example of that kind of language is Esperanto.

He who laughs last laughs loudest.

Jef is going to be late.

Walter is red-green colour blind.

You're safe here with me.

Look at this photograph.

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Who did you receive this flower from?

She put some money away for a rainy day.

The public is invited.


Run faster, otherwise you will miss the train.

I happen to like it here.

What would you do if you had a billion dollars?


We won't know until Monday night.

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I can't bear the sight of him.

I must apologize for the delay.

Do your work quickly.


We should celebrate Halloween together.

It's doable, but not easy.

A lightyear is the distance that light travels in one year.

Please don't mention my age.

I won't be sorry to see Alan leave.

The ship will call at Yokohama.

The Nile is longer than any other river in the world.

Vance and Duane launched their boat from the slipway at the tip of the peninsula.

Dan discovered Linda had another phone.

He went mad when he heard the story.

My friend is seventeen years old.

We've been wondering where you've been.

He was tried for murder.

Could you go there and get it?

She had some fun.

Adrian wasn't having a good day.

Alain is waiting for Ric at the bar.