Audrey didn't know how to do it.

That's a risk.

The author pins the crime on a character who pops up in the last chapter of this book.

What have you been doing for the past hour?

I do plainly and ingenuously confess that I am guilty of corruption, and do renounce all defense. I beseech your Lordships to be merciful to a broken reed.

The police suspected that Axel was a drug dealer.

I came to Tokyo from Osaka counting on my brother's help.

I have to watch them every second.

I saw Pulp Fiction yesterday.

Is Srivatsan there alone?

Don't you smoke?

He's every reason to be proud of his son.

I'll never leave you, Johann.

He practised the natural defence style.

Have you seen today's paper?

Hal picked up a pillow and threw it at Roderick.

Jenine and William clinked their glasses together.

We didn't even discuss it.

Please translate this text from Japanese to French.

Mr. Smith makes it a rule to take a walk every morning.

Let me hear you say it.

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You are under arrest for the murder of Catherine Jackson.

I was attacked.

Many revolutions have aimed to abolish the aristocracy.

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I haven't told Rogue anything.

I don't want to play with her.

I can't be late.

The law does not accept confession under torture.

We couldn't row against the strong current.

Time is eternal.

He saved the child at the risk of his own life.

I filled the cup.

All his efforts were useless.

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I have worked in this factory.


His essay is rubbish.

Mara is sure to succeed.

If you don't want to be alone, I can keep you company.

She wouldn't let him in.

I don't know if that's such a good idea.

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That's what I want, too.

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I'm knackered!

Your room is out of order.

If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all.

If one person's qualities are really good, and they have one hundred points, but of those hundred they only give you thirty or forty, or even ten or twenty and then inversely, another person maybe only has seventy or eighty points but they treat you with their heart and soul, then which person should you choose?

That's all we do.

Gunnar is a player.

You sing a chorus.

Which house do you stay in?

I am in a trance-like state.

Everyone started talking at once.

I have caught a cold.

Their grapes suit my palate.

What language is spoken in America?

Holmes is a great pipe man as well as a great detective.

She was envious of her cousin's success.

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Are you saying that I killed Jef?

You are my sunshine.

We're prepared to give you all the food you need.

Charlie works for the FBI.

I don't think we have enough time.


They didn't choose me.


I'm not afraid of them.

I'd like lettuce and tomatoes on my sandwish, please.

This isn't my key.


Your salary is commission-based.

Do you think we are better off than we used to be?

The success animated him with hope.

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What's your reason for being here today?

One of those boys is Sarah.

We're pretty good.

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I've told you what to do.

She was cheated into buying worthless stock.

You must follow school rules.

Sanjay gave the baby a bath.

They are all special.

This isn't a good idea.

There was a subtle difference between their views.

Wes drank some wine.

Would you mind looking after my kids?

John can't keep his family.

She speaks English as well as I.

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Hey, you want to take a walk?

It is not her ability, but her character that is at issue.

I think my complaint is valid.

From Carlsbad to Carlsworse.

She ignored him until he became rich.

I recommended him.

They are eager to win the next game.


That'll just have to wait until next week.

Irfan has pictures of squirrels hanging on the walls of his office.

I am trying to memorise the names of constellations.

Why didn't you tell me about this sooner?

It's not a big deal.

Is something wrong with you?

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.

A gun won't do you much good if you're not willing to shoot it.

I'm a little tired, that's all.

Siegurd used to be a race car driver.

Did you sleep well last night, Steve?

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Socorrito might be in the park with his friends.


Daryl doesn't know what he should do.

Do your children know French?

That man is strong.

All of us were shocked by the news.

Laura wouldn't let me in his room.

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Her cheeks were as cold as ice.

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I want to go back to my cubicle.


Val doesn't know whether Gary is busy or not.


I hope this plan works.

The hotel is by the sea.

I love Natasha.

I find no shame in asking questions.

There wasn't much I wanted to take with me.


I'll be back in time for the meeting.

Sundar stayed at a hotel.

It may be.

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Excuse me, but can you help me?


Okay, I'll tell my mom that you're coming over.

Why don't you get into the pool?

Admitting what you say, I still think I am right.

Shouldn't we ask them first?

I bet you're wondering why Cary left so early.

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There was something there.


It's all paid for.

He acted the part of King Lear.

You don't seem to have read the contract very carefully.

I don't believe you.

I asked Christophe if he needed more money.

I've got nothing against waiting, but after two hours I'm feeling understandably a bit impatient.

Mt. Fuji is the most famous mountain in Japan.

From what Brooke tells me, we are doing very well this quarter.

See if you can find a pattern.

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A Mr. Ono called to see you.

You made him blush.

The problem is whether the plan will work.

What flights go from Dallas to Phoenix?

It's not usually this busy.

It's much cheaper to live on grains and vegetables you can grow in your garden.

Saudi women are not permitted to leave their country alone.

His behavior allows of no criticism.

Go and help wash up, will you?

We'll take her home.

I'm not over thirty years old.

Though very busy, she came to see me off.

Judy made the most of his opportunities.


Spencer forgot that he once told Anita that only she gave his life any meaning.

Come on, get up.

It is very difficult for anybody to be objective about his own character.

I'd never been to that city before, and even worse, I couldn't speak a word of the language.

I didn't stay there very long.

Srinivasan begged Toby not to leave her.

She is well spoken of among her own sex.

The leaves on the trees rustle gentle in the wind.

I thought Patrice and Pedro were twins.


Is Haruki Murakami popular in Vietnam as well?


A Mr Marconi wants to see you.


Please ignore my comments above.

You're a believer, aren't you?

I don't really know how to deal with Siegurd.

You can't go now.

I enjoy watching Cindie dance.

He owes me a relatively large sum.

I didn't have the strength or resolution to argue with Pat.

Kolkka put his career on the back burner and became a house husband, to enable Shai to pursue her career.

He began to blush.

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I'm sorry, but I can't resist.

All I want to do during the dog days is stay indoors and keep out of the sun.

I have too many bags.