Facts of photographer career

More than half of all photographers are self-employed. This is comparatively more than average of any other profession. Only skilled, talented and who have sound knowledge on business will survive in this profession.

Description of photography career

Photographers click and retain photos that will tell the stories and record an event. To become commercial photographer need creativity and technical expertise.

Training required for photographer

  • Entry-level positions in photojournalism, industrial or scientific photography generally require a college degree in journalism or photography.
  • Portrait and freelance photographers need technical proficiency, whether gained through a degree program, vocational training or extensive work experience.

Online courses for photographers (Use below links) 


Do you know this is the interesting facts about your photography?

Are you crazy about photography if “Yes”? Then this article for you.

You know the value of movement as you are a photographer professional. A momentary expression could be captured you have been waiting for. It may be the climax for that movement or a scenery and so on.

After clicking the photo most of the people post that photos in the social media. Some of the photos may get more likes, shares and comments based on the movement, creativity and quality of that image. Some of the photos may go viral because of the content in the image. Photographer can convince anything in single photograph.


Let’s see some of the facts about photography 

According to Domo’s Data Never Sleeps 5.0 report

  1. People will take more than 1.2 trillion photos by the end of 2017
  2. There will be 4.7 trillion photos stored
  3. 527,760 photos shares by Snapchat users
  4. 120 more professionals join LinkedIn
  5. 4,146,600 users watch YouTube videos
  6. In twitter 456,000 tweets are sent
  7. Instagram users post 46,740 photos

There are some interesting facts about Facebook 

  1. Daily active people are in Facebook 1.5 billion
  2. 300 million photos get uploaded per day
  3. 510,000 Comments posted and 293,000 statuses updated every minute

There are some interesting facts about Instagram 

  1. 600 million Instagram user are there and among 400 million are active every day
  2. 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every day


After reading this you are knowing that how many photos are uploading to internet every day. You can imagine how much photos are collecting in a day. Some of the photos may get more likes and comments and some of the photos may went viral because of the content.