People treat me with respect.

You have somebody you can talk to, don't you?

Nathan handed Dana the document.

She looked for her friends but found none.

I would rather you stayed at home.

Is it safe to skate on this lake?

Carpets have the effect of a dust pocket, with merit of sucking up dust and stopping it flying around, but you can say that effect backfires.


She refused to sign the petition.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

In the cold and the darkness, a poor little girl, with bare head and naked feet, roamed through the streets.

Dominick definitely knows that he shouldn't be doing that.

Sir, yes, sir!


Dan survived with minor injuries.

Mara chased the thief.

You've got to get them talking.


Mahmoud began to work.

Take them with you.

Rajesh didn't really know what to do.

Peaches are sweet.

Is Leo here now?


Wait for her.


The fight didn't last long.

What are your kids doing?

Viruses are much smaller than bacteria.


There were no witnesses to the crime.

You look like a sad panda.

I talk like this 'cause I can back it up.

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The politician first made a name for himself as an actor.


The misery was too much for the readers to keep back their tears.


I haven't been able to open this door.

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How are they treating you?

This is a great business opportunity.

There's not enough room for everybody.


Gosh, can you be more wasteful?

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Their conversation went on.

My headache is gone.

I just got a great job because of an introduction from a friend. Sometimes things happen when you least expect it.

You don't have to think you aren't going to make it just because others have failed.

I might not sleep tonight.

I want a written report in my hands first thing tomorrow morning.

Hunter is probably in the building.

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Why do you believe that I went?

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We probably don't want to do that again.


I'm getting ready for the worst.


I will arrive on 23rd of May.

Do you recognize my voice?

I think I have a picture of Sally somewhere.

They're probably already dead.

I love someone.

Why did I never make a movie during my numerous journeys?

See you on the weekend.

Rich and Vince are in my office.

How do you like your job, Joubert?


I hang out with Pantelis a lot.

There is a slight chill on the party.

I have no information on him.


We're pulling out.

Hypocrisy is the death of democracy.

This music is from the 40s.

I have a good dictionary.

An asteroid exploded over Chelyabinsk in Russia.

How many books are there on the table?

I thought Rob was on our team.


Do you ever hear anything about Misako?

The bridge saved us a lot of time.

Whoever may object to this plan, I will carry it out.

The doctor advised me to lose weight.

Tell them everything is fine.


What's up there?

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Shahid was elated.

We should tell everyone what happened.

I want a second opinion.

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I keep sabbath.

Someone said something, but I could not understand it.

It's useless if you don't do it with rhythm!

Laser rays are used in the restoration of ancient works.

How can you even ask that question?

He climbed down from the tree.

She patted her back.

We wear the same size.

My hair is longer than Mara's.

I've got to see them.

The town has changed a great deal since then.

An increase in customer complaints could signal a decline in business.

I'll help you fight them.

Lindsay looked at the agenda.

I thought Matti was dying.

I wanted a bigger discount.

She was reluctant to reveal her secret.

We have a garden in front of our house.

I just thought that you might want to go home and be with your family.

Let's all just sit down and try to talk about what's happened.

It's probably just a rumor.

I guess that's impossible.

They deserve better.

I saw Tanya a minute ago.

I wish that I could have spent more time with my father before he died.

If I tell her the truth, she will never forgive me.

It will never happen again. I swear.

Let me handle her.

A rat ran across the road.

I'm racking my brain.

That tall man is Mr Smith.

They only worry about themselves.

I'm telling the truth.

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She was robbed of her jewels last night.

I stopped by the supermarket on my way home.

Elric inspired us to work harder.

You shouldn't even be here.

Charleen answered all the questions on the list.

He always thinks he's right.

Spass and Root have recently started dating.


Brender bought a rose for Lucifer.

Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.

As part of their mission to explore Mars, NASA launched twin robotic rovers on June 10 and July 7, 2003. For landing, each rover was encased in a beach ball - like apparatus with a parachute attached

Swallows migrate to a warm climate.

Do you have the key?

They had cleared the obstacle from the road.

He walked barefoot.


Thank her for the help.

I am widely different from my little sister in character and habits.

This is certainly the most delicious juice I have ever drunk in my life.

I played chess with Ning yesterday.

I slept twelve hours yesterday.


The other animals of the forest came to watch the wedding dance, and they, too, danced all night in the moonlight.

When should we tell him?

Gregor is always online.


Scott's job is to evaluate the assets of companies.


It was a pretty normal party.

I don't think I can do this without her.

Kuldip wrestled with Cyrus.


To be a good child, you need to go to bed and get up early.


She tried to put the young man out of her mind, but it was impossible.

He was giving a speech.

Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason.

The driver violated the traffic rules; as a result, he was fined.

Vicki was injured in the explosion.

You need to let go of it.

I don't think I can help you very much.

Which one of you is Sofoklis's doctor?

Can money buy happiness?

Ask Linder if he voted.

Since I was sick, I didn't go.

How long does it take by bus?

Where did you find these?

I misjudged him.

I heard a strange sound.

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The boy fell off the bed.

You do not help me.

He looks very good.

Carole gave Stephanie a kiss.

There is a page missing.


I'm glad you agree.


I didn't think you'd believe me.

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I'd rather be skiing.

The rock star is an idol of the teenagers.

She went there to swim.

I'm back in the pink.

She wasn't ready for marriage.


He cashed in his chips and took in a show at the casino across the street.

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There are different amounts of medicine in these two bottles.

Most people think that it's OK to eat meat.

What a fright I got when I opened the door!