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There is still serious racial hatred against black people.

These are a kind of nocturnal flowers.

She showered.

This flower is blue.

We want to come back.

I get paid 300,000 yen per month.

I really owe you an apology.


The message is clear.

I study French. I also study German.

Hitoshi doesn't need money.

Barbra is just trying to confuse you.

Kristen never had any intention of letting Terri do that.

Because my old ladder is broken.

Are we in the same hotel?


Stephe's coming over tonight, so you know.

She has died.

I was the one who said we should wait.

We still have more time.

I'm not counting on it.


Piotr almost drowned.

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The fact is that he is too busy to see you.

He prefers whole-grain cereals.

Now's a bad time.


Gordon is finishing his work.

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You must come back before it gets dark.

I guess I could get a job there.

Celia is wary.

That would take too long.

Shyam said that you were going to Boston.

You'll get there by three o'clock.

He esteems the professor highly.

Organic matter is formed by large molecules.

I'm not as stubborn as you think.


Ken will bring Sharon.

We still don't have enough money.

I have seen nothing of him recently.


What time did you eat?


It's still a bad idea.

I want to dye my friend's hair blonde.

The meeting will end tomorrow.

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I cleaned up after the party.


It failed miserably.

Yes, the wine is red.

I should've realized it was you.

The weather is forecast, using the past data as a basis.

Mathematics is the foundation of all exact knowledge of natural phenomena.

Christofer is now in police custody.

He danced in the fire.

Am I confusing you?

You'd better try to assert yourself more.

Don't play. Work!

What did you want to show us?


What do you say to playing cards?

teach your friend to keep smile while clicking picture

When should we tell Barbara?

She looks so grand.

Avian medicine - diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.

I didn't get discouraged.

Can't you see she's not interested?

When my father was offered a golden handshake, he took it.

What does this key unlock?

Our company is a limited company.

I want Monica left alone.


The Libyan government is ready to close ''Bit.ly''.

I don't know why you're all so angry.

Men's clothing is loose fitting.

Worst day ever!

Their ship was at the mercy of the waves.

Some of the information is very important.

Saul hugged her doll.

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Give him a minute.


I gave the dog a bone, stopping its barking.

It is very kind of you to invite me to dinner.

Thousands died in Japan.

I'm still a teacher.

The scrolling text on the display of my Internet radio gives me information about the selected station and the running program.

I like to make my clothes last as long as possible.

It was actually a lot more fun than I expected it to be.


An investigation is ongoing.


She lives like a princess.

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We need to meet with you.

No one will find out.

Julius cast a quick glance at his watch while waiting for the elevator, wondering if he had enough time to buy a coffee before it got to his floor.


Have you guys seen the news?

I saw him running.

What happened? The car's slowing down.

Have I told you where I first met Matthieu?

It's been a pleasure talking to you.

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I don't like Easter eggs.

Ji has everything a man could want.

Can we help them?

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The car key was in the glovebox.


Sherri found out the truth.

It was no laughing matter.

It's garbage.

Do you ship overseas?

The medium is the message.

Reading books is very interesting.

The next time I tell you to do something, do it.


When you see Emily give her this note.

I think those are Edmond's shoes.

How do we get her out of jail?


Something has gone wrong.

I wonder why Sorrel didn't talk to Wayne.

It's a miracle.

I didn't want to involve Lynne.

How does a calculator do math?

Rabin can't drive a car so he always rides a bicycle.

They may not know about it.

I can only see what you see.

A pool begins with many drops of water.

Cory is laughing at you, Anna.

That sounds like a bad idea.

I need to meet your boss.

That's a question we've all been asking ourselves.

'You can show black is white by argument,' said Filby, 'but you will never convince me.'

Your son must be quite tall by now.


Who are you and where do you come from?

There's no other answer.

If other conditions are equal, the temperature must be the most influential element in this experiment.

I've got a new word processor.

I can't understand why Jim would want to do that.

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What did you do with that?

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Kit started using anti-aging cream when she was 14.


You went there.


There seems to be something wrong.

Malus is suffering from depression.

Reagan became President of the United States in 1981.

I'm sorry that Juliet got hurt.

We're very fast.

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She decorated her room with bright color.

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Jochen doesn't have a fever this morning.

In Alaska you can see natural phenomena like the aurora, right?

Ask freely.


Stephanie asked me where to put his coat.

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They were at the bottom of the scheme.


Lui didn't have a fever this morning.

That's all I need to know.

Jayant is living with his parents.

Do you still have the key to Kirsten's apartment?

I took the first step.

I enjoy the wisdom of Socrates, which was the basis for Plato.

Po, I'm scared we're going to get in trouble.

The troops landed in Greece.

Dan didn't want to write about the incident in the local newspaper.


I heard someone in the crowd outside the station call my name.

He should work for the European Commission.

I was taught English by a foreigner.

You are so tall!

I won't go there with you.

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Things have gotten serious.

We should follow him.

I don't think Hon would mind.


I wish I could speak English.

You see in this world there are only scoundrels and hypocrites.

I just had a talk with your doctor.


I only need to buy one.

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What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

We really need Byron back.

It's like shooting fish in a barrel.